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Psychics are a wellspring of wisdom. They can help you identify challenges in your life and suggest ways to overcome. In 2021, there are several reputable websites where you can speak to a psychic online.

If you’re looking for a psychic reading online but are unsure where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

We know that finding an accurate psychic online is not easy. When you’re seeking answers to life’s big questions, reliability is crucial. However, not every website or online service offers real, verified psychics.

We’ve done the research and created a list of the top five live psychic sites. These sites feature advisors at reasonable rates with verified customer reviews. They offer chat, phone, e-mail, and video readings.

Each service is a little different, so keep reading to find out which one is right for you! They all include some type of free trial, but you won’t be able to fully use any service without paying. We’ve also included information about how to make the most of your reading.

5 Best Psychic Sites With Accurate Readings You Can Try Free

  1. Kasamba — Best overall
  2. Keen — Best for love readings
  3. Oranum — Best tarot readings
  4. Psychic Source — Most personalized experience
  5. California Psychics — Modern interface, easy to use

1.  Kasamba — Most accurate readings

The highlights:

  • Read detailed reviews from other customers
  • Satisfaction guarantee or your money back
  • Three free minutes for every new advisor you try out
  • 50 percent off your first session
  • Thousands of psychics in a myriad of fields
  • App available

Kasamba is your absolute best resource for finding affordable and reliable online psychics. It’s a site that’s been around for 20 years and has satisfied over 3 million clients. They also offer a plethora of services, from love advice and horoscope readings, to numerology and beyond. When it comes to getting life’s biggest questions answered by the best in their field, Kasamba is the top pick.

People keep coming back to Kasamba because they consistently deliver accurate personal readings and offer a very transparent system. Every psychic on Kasama has their very own profile page filled with reviews from previous customers. This keeps the frauds away from Kasamba and gives you a chance to find out who the most talented and dependable psychics are. In fact, if you have a bad experience at Kasamba, they’ll give you a full refund per their 100 percent satisfaction guarantee policy.

Kasamba knows that its users are visiting the site because they desire clarity in one or more areas of their lives. That’s why they give you 50 percent off your first session. Plus, all the psychics offer affordable rates. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to get spiritual guidance.

We recommend these Kasamba psychics:

  1. Love Specialist Isabelle
  2. Naborara
  3. Seek Chelle
  4. Sophi Reunite Lovers

2.  Keen — Most popular

The highlights:

  • Easy filtering options
  • Satisfaction guarantee or your money back
  • Free session for new users
  • Very affordable
  • Famous for very accurate love and career advice

Keen is the most popular trusted psychic site on the web, boasting millions of users since it was launched in 1999. Specializing in love and career advice, Keen is known for pointing people in the right direction in terms of life’s biggest decisions.

They’ve got psychics that are available to chat with 24/7, should you have a burning question that you need to be answered in the middle of the night. All you have to do is find a psychic who is online and click the “Chat Now” button.

There’s only one negative to this house of online psychics. Because Keen houses independent psychics, their screening process tends to be a bit lenient. This means that the level of talent is quite varied. However, a swift user hack will help you separate the amateurs from the pros. Keen allows you to sort the advisors by their ratings and select among those with the highest. You can also sort by price, availability, specialty, and more.

Keen is very affordable, offering free readings to new users and packages starting at just $1.99 for ten minutes. If you are someone who is newer to the online scene, Keen is a fantastic place for you to start your journey.

We recommend these Keen psychics:

  1. Stefanie Mara
  2. Cecile G. Smith
  3. Astrobeams
  4. Christina Blu

3.  Oranum — Best tarot card readings

The highlights:

  • Long trial
  • Receive $9.99 free credits when you sign up
  • Reviewed and reliable psychics

Well known for its spectacular face-to-face video readings, Oranum is a favorite among these psychic sites. When looking for a psychic to give you a fantastic tarot card reading, Oranum is your best bet. They are also well known for their varied divination methods. Many of the Oranum psychics utilize clairvoyance, palm readings, and celestial positionings to inform their readings and make predictions about your future.

Users tend to flock to Oranum because they offer a very lengthy ten-minute free trial with a psychic of your choosing. It’s a fairly long time to spend with a psychic, but you will of course want to go over that ten-minute level once you realize how in-depth these advisors are willing to go into your past, present, and future.

On Oranum, even the best psychics are available to you 24/7. You’ll see a green dot by their thumbnail if they are online and available to talk to you. Before you choose your advisor, you can view their ratings, reviews, and levels of expertise. You can also use the filtering function on Oranum to find someone with a skillset that will meet your exact needs.

We recommend these Oranum psychics:

  1. Beyondtomorrow
  2. Whitestarr
  3. RobyTata
  4. ElenaShade

4.  Psychic Source — Matches you with the right advisor

The highlights:

  • Matching feature
  • Specializes in grief and energy healing
  • One of the most affordable sites

Psychic Source is unique because it uses an advanced matching algorithm to pair you up with the best psychic for your specific needs. It’s an online community that utilizes the same technology as a dating site would to create perfect matches! Except instead of creating love drama, Psychic Source will help you solve your love drama.

Love readings aren’t the only service that Psychic Source offers. For 30 years, Psychic Source has been providing tarot card readings, astrology chart readings, energy healing, and guidance. Like most sites, Psychic Source offers chat, voice call, and video chat options for readings. We suggest going with either a phone call or video chat because the advisors at Psychic Source will often utilize the frequencies in a person’s voice to deepen their understanding of each user and strengthen the accuracy of their particular personal reading.

Newcomers will receive a generous free 5-minute trial. After your free time is up, you’ll find yourself paying less than a dollar per minute to chat with these spiritual experts. Psychic Source is known to be one of the most affordable options available with the highest-rated advisors.

We recommend these Psychic Source psychics:

  1. June x3606
  2. Ro x4662
  3. Ivy x3654
  4. Rachelle x9814

5.  California Psychics — Reputable readings

The highlights:

  • Rigorous month-long screening process for psychics
  • Tiered pricing option

California Psychics has been around for an astounding 25 years, making it just as established as the others on this list. It also happens to have a stellar reputation among previous and current users, which is an important factor in the online psychic community.

At California Psychics, you have two options for communication: chat or call. What makes them a little different from the other sites on this list is that they offer tiered pricing. When you sign up for California Psychics, you can choose a $1 per minute option, a $2 per minute option, or a $4 per minute option based on the quality of psychic. Although, each psychic is put through a rigorous screening process ensuring that even the lower-tiered advisors will give quality personal readings. In fact, that screening process lasts for about a month and only two out of every 100 psychics get the opportunity to work on the site!

There are various types of readings that you can choose. but the California Psychics specialty is undeniably financial advice. They will also offer sound advice as to how to handle your money. They also offer services like clairvoyance, dream interpretations, medium readings, and more.

We recommend these California Psychics psychics:

  1. Carlotta x6745
  2. Ariel x7189
  3. Lucy x5353
  4. Kallista x9623

Psychic Readings 101

Are psychics real?

This is the obvious question on everyone’s mind. Are psychics real? The answer to this is complicated. At the end of the day, there are psychic advisors who have natural gifts that give them access to things we just can’t explain. These people are rare, insightful, and accurate. The best psychic websites work very hard to weed out the fakers and frauds, but so many people are desperate for a quick buck and quite good at imitating psychic abilities. That’s why going to a reputable online psychic website is of utmost importance when you are searching for answers to your questions about the past, present, or future. If you’re concerned about a psychic’s legitimacy, read reviews that previous clients have written about them. You’ll find that the sites we’ve listed in this article offer detailed and truthful reviews about the advisors worth considering.

How do I know what kind of psychic I need?

There are many different types of spiritual guides out there with unique skill sets. Some offer love advice, read into past lives, predict the future, read palms, and so on. Some of the best advisors are skilled in a variety of areas.

We recommend writing down the questions you want to be answered. This will help you filter through the psychics on each website to determine which one is most suited for your needs. If you are seeking insight into something that is profoundly important to you, perhaps it’s wise to splurge a bit on a more experienced psychic.

You should also consider the advisor’s methods. Do they use significant dates to connect or will they need to hear your voice over the phone? Do they receive visions or rely on astrological celestial positionings? Each psychic has a methodology that they use.

And again, testimonials are key. If a psychic receives a ton of rave reviews, there’s a good chance that they are legit and will be able to help you as well. If a psychic has some not-so-flattering reviews written about them, then choose someone else!

What questions should I ask during a psychic reading?

Users often like to test a psychics’ ability by asking very specific questions, but they might inadvertently be limiting their own experience by narrowing down too much. The more open-ended the questions you ask are, the broader scope of reach the psychic is able to access. They might even give you information you didn’t even know that you wanted or needed! Here are some examples of great questions that you can ask your advisor during your next session:

  • Who is my soulmate?
  • What does my career future look like?
  • How are my loved ones who have passed on?
  • Where will I be in ten years?
  • What should I know about my partner?
  • What does my energy say about me?
  • When will I find true happiness?
  • How can I better my health?
  • What advice do you have for me?
  • What Zodiac sign am I most compatible with?
  • Why do I attract the wrong people?

How did we decide which psychic sites were the best?

A lot of research! The platforms listed in this article rigorously screen their psychics for accuracy and authenticity. That’s one of the biggest components of what differentiates the great psychic sites from the bad ones. They’ve also been around the longest (Psychic Source was started three decades ago).

We also chose sites that allow each user to view previous reviews of those psychics. This is so important. Not only does it separate the experts from the crowd, but it also informs you of each psychic’s specialties. Beyond the reviews, you can also filter by metrics such as rating, skills, method, and more.

These sites also offer various communication methods, making them a convenient choice for anyone. You can message, text, video chat, e-mail, or have phone calls with the advisors on these websites.