Now more than ever, employees have a hand in choosing where and how they work. The rise of flexible work arrangements allows companies to better foster a diverse workforce, which can greatly improve company culture.

It’s not enough to just attract top talent, though; you have to retain employees, too. That’s where a hybrid work solution—a flexible arrangement where employees can work from home, their office, a coworking space or all three— can help. For many companies there’s no better way to get started than by utilizing a concierge service like Deskpass.  When a team joins Deskpass, they have access to thousands of workspaces across the world, including on-demand desks, meeting rooms, and private offices. Employees can filter spaces based on what matters most to them, whether it’s proximity to their home or varied seating arrangements, or amenities such as an outdoor space, a game room, or an on-site cafe. 

From collaborative meeting space to private phone booths, here are 5 ways companies can use a hybrid work model to care for their employees’ wellbeing while on the job. 

Collaborative meeting space

Working from home is great, just not all the time. While email, instant messaging, and video conferences can be efficient virtually, there’s a certain magic of meeting with your team in person (safely, of course) when inspiration strikes. As more teams adopt a hybrid work approach, having access to collaborative meeting rooms and private offices is key in boosting productivity and bolstering comradery. 

Blue Lacuna in Chicago’s Lower West Side takes a creative approach to community-based programming. Their Banneker Class Room is ideal for learning new skills, sharing quarterly reports, and hosting interactive workshops. Both the classroom and their smaller, 6-person meeting room feature a whiteboard, presentation display, multimedia connectors, and adaptors. 

Private phone booths

Whether it’s meeting with a team member for a regular check-in with a team member or taking a client call, most workers would agree that having access to a quiet or private space matters. This is especially true for those who work from a common area of a coworking space but need periodic privacy for phone or virtual meetings. In addition to ensuring confidentiality, a private space blocks no outside distractions, so that workers  can fully focus on the task at hand. 

A day at Brick & Mortar comes with access to phone booths from ROOM, a company that makes modular products designed for focused work, collaboration, and effective communication. Each phone booth features US sound insulation, a built-in desk, motion sensor, ventilation fans, power outlets, and ethernet port. Bonus points to Brick & Mortar for also offering standing desks and weekend access. 

Nursing rooms for moms

Moms everywhere took an extra hit during the peak of the pandemic, with many juggling working from home and round-the-clock childcare. Fast Company reported that in September 2020 (the start of the first school year after the pandemic hit the US) alone, women dropped out of the workforce at a rate of four times that of men. On top of this, there is the ‘motherhood penalty’—a set of systemic disadvantages women face in their careers after becoming moms. 

Spanning three floors of a chic industrial loft, Bond Collective – Fulton Market offers 31,000 square feet of workspaces and windowed offices. In addition to a dedicated shower space, moms have access to a nursing room where they can comfortably pump throughout the day as needed. No more pumping in communal bathroom stalls or stairwells where anyone could interrupt. 

Outdoor space

Chicago isn’t called the ‘Windy City,’ for nothing, and while winters can be tough they make summers all the more sweet. Getting a bit of sun—a crucial source of vitamin D—can do wonders for the mind. While mental health in the workplace is often overlooked, it should be taken as seriously as physical wellbeing. In fact, the CDC notes that one in five American adults reported mental health issues in 2016. 

Working From – Fulton Market, the shared workspace on the 3rd and 4th floor of The Hoxton Chicago, is effortlessly inspiring. In addition to ergonomic chairs and plush sofas and armchairs, they have an outdoor patio which is what dreams are made of, with lush greenery and twinkle lights dangling overhead. Reserve your space, and take your meetings outdoors or just catch a few rays before your next client call. 

Varied seating arrangements

Ask any Millennial or Gen Z what they value most in a work environment, and they’ll say work-life balance. Not only can a hybrid work model increase productivity and decrease stress, it can also empower team members to curate their ideal working environment. 

Located in the heart of the vibrant River North neighborhood, 620 N LaSalle offers varied seating arrangements that suit every work style. With communal desks, cozy restaurant-like booths, barstool seating, and private meeting rooms, teams can switch up their work environment as needed. Head to a phone booth for virtual meetings, or gather for an impromptu huddle at a four-top table.

About Deskpass

Deskpass is a Hybrid Work solution for companies with remote or distributed teams. Through our network of thousands of workspaces across the world, we provide on-demand desks, meeting rooms and private offices by the hour, day, week and month. There’s no setup or monthly fees—it’s purely pay as you go. Deskpass is available globally.

At Deskpass we believe where you work impacts how you work. The right space has the power to help people work more efficiently, effectively, happily. We’re on a mission to power productivity by connecting your employees to work spaces tailored to their needs.

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