Rachael and Jesse Smedberg Credit: courtesy Tulip Tree Gardens
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CBD products are popping up everywhere, from street corner shops to grocery stores and fashion boutiques. However, it’s anyone’s guess as to the source of the actual CBD in many of these products.

Tulip Tree Gardens was started in 2015 by Rachael Smedberg and her husband, Jesse. They make high-quality, lab-tested CBD products from hemp that they grow on their 63-acre farm just south of Chicago and process on-site. Using regenerative agriculture and sustainable practices, Tulip Tree Gardens produces a true seed-to-bottle product with an emphasis on quality.

CBD (a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant) has gained recognition for its potential to help ease pain, regulate inflammation, alleviate stress and anxiety, impact sleep quality, aid digestion and support immunity. But much of the CBD on the market lacks clarity on its source, quality and dosing.

“So many CBD products are made with industrially produced CBD oil sold on the bulk market,” says Rachael Smedberg. “We believe people want more transparency about the products they are buying so they can feel confident in the quality.”

How to Recognize and Use High-Quality CBD

When the Smedbergs started Tulip Tree Gardens, they were driven by a desire to heal the earth, their community and people far and wide who would buy their products. “The deeper we got into researching the right ways to grow hemp and make CBD products, the more passionate we got about educating people about CBD and helping them understand how to use it,” adds Smedberg.

Tulip Tree Gardens stands out from other CBD brands in five ways:

1.  All products are made from hemp that is farmed regeneratively without any pesticides or herbicides.

2.  Every product is traceable to its exact hemp origin and includes a QR code with product details and usage tips.

3.  Every batch is lab-tested to guarantee safety and purity.

4.  Tulip Tree CBD products are properly dosed.

5.  As a seed-to-bottle producer, Tulip Tree is able to price its products very reasonably.

As an example of the price differentiation, Tulip Tree Gardens 1000 mg oil sells for $55. Many other brands are $100 or more, purely because consumers will pay that much. As a seed-to-bottle producer, Jesse Smedberg says, “We don’t think people should have to go broke to feel well.”

Regenerative Farming Benefits the Planet and People

Unlike organic farming, which requires expensive certifications and is a “one-way” practice, where nothing is returned to the earth, regenerative farming takes from and gives back to the earth, helping preserve critical topsoil and improve soil health.

By not tilling, carbon stays in the soil, instead of spreading into the atmosphere, exacerbating the greenhouse gas issue. Planting diverse cover crops like hay, barley and rye feeds the soil with nutrients to keep it thriving. The key to regenerative farming is building vibrant and sustainable biomes within the farm and soil.

From premium CBD oils to topical creams to smokable hemp flower, Tulip Tree Gardens sells products made exclusively from regeneratively farmed seed-to-bottle hemp. Tulip Tree Gardens even has an on-site market open daily selling farm-fresh produce.

The Dosing Difference

In order to access the potential benefits of CBD, an average adult requires at least .5 ml per day of 1000 mg concentration oil. Brands at the 250 mg or 350 mg concentration require a higher dosage, ultimately costing the consumer more.

Tulip Tree Gardens CBD oils are properly dosed, so customers get a high-quality product that delivers excellent value, and Rachael Smedberg provides personal guidance to customers to help them get the best result from their CBD products.

Tulip Tree Gardens is located at 1236 E. Eagle Lake Road in Beecher, IL and its complete range of products is available online at www.tuliptreegardensco.com. Follow Tulip Tree Gardens on Instagram @tuliptreegardens and Facebook @tuliptreegardens.

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