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With so much uncertainty in the air, many of us are turning towards online psychic sites for our burning questions. A genuine psychic can often provide insight into your love life, career, finances, or whatever else is keeping you up at night.

However, it’s challenging to go through all the spiritual advisors with the many options out there and know which one is the real deal. This is why we’ve taken the time to compile a list of the best online psychic reading services that feature professional, verified advisors who are experts in their field.

From all these options provided both free and paid, we’ll help you find a medium you can connect with.

The Top Psychic Websites in 2020

  1. Best psychic website for tarot readings – Kasamba
  2. Best for psychic phone readings – AskNow
  3. Best for a large variety of readings – Psychic Source
  4. Best for online chat readings – Keen
  5. Best for live video chat readings – Oranum
  6. Best for accurate readings – PsychicOz
  7. Best value for first time users – LifeReader

1. Kasamba – Best for Love Readings


  • Widely considered the best physics in America
  • Offers three free minutes and 50 percent off for your first reading
  • Each psychic has their profile page with reviews
  • One of the best psychic sites for tarot card readings and career advice
  • Customers can request a refund
  • Kasamba app available for on-the-go readings


  • No video readings available
  • Highly-skilled psychics are often expensive

Having already helped over 4 million people to get answers, Kasamba boasts a wide range of psychic reading services to choose from, including astrology, tarot cards, love, phone readings, dream analysis, and more.

Additionally, every psychic on their page features their own profile with their area of expertise, experience, and other customer reviews.

While video readings aren’t available, users can use their handy online chatting system, which is even available via the Kasamba app while on the go. There is also a first three minutes promotional bonus for first-timers to start with, including 50 percent off their first reading.

2. AskNow – Best for Phone Readings


  • New users benefit from five free minutes during their first reading
  • Features online psychics with credentials and many years of experience
  • Customers can choose from affordable package deals
  • Uses a variety of divination tools, such as runes and crystals
  • Offers readings in English and Spanish


  • Few readers offer online chatting psychic readings
  • No discounts available for higher package levels
  • Lack of filtering options available

AskNow has been in business since 2005 and features some of the best psychics with plenty of years of experience. Every advisor on AskNow has gone through intense screenings to ensure they’re the real deal, and each has their own level of expertise ranging from Elite to Master.

Every psychic’s profile lists their credentials, area of expertise, and a brief introduction. While AskNow is widely known for its phone chat readings, some advisors also offer an online chatting option on various topics, including love and relationships, numerology, past lives, and other services.

3. Psychic Source – Best Cheap Psychic Readings


  • Offers a ‘’Find a Psychic’’ tool to find your ideal advisor
  • Users have access to plenty of informational articles
  • Customers can communicate via the online or phone chat system
  • $1 per minute call rate for new customers
  • Accepts PayPal for added security


  • Not many language options available
  • No money-back guarantee for cash payments, only for site credit

Psychic Source has been around since 1989 and is home to some of the world’s best psychics. The website itself offers an easy-to-use interface with a handy “Find a Psychic” option that matches you with the best advisor, based on a couple of questions.

Customers have access to a wide range of services, including spiritual advice, horoscope readings, and even pet psychics.

Psychic Source is also a good choice for longer online psychic reading sessions since it offers an affordable rate of $1 per minute for first-time clients, with a promotion of three minutes free added on top of the chosen subscription plan.

4. Keen – Best Psychic Medium Website for Online Chat Readings


  • Three free minutes for new users, or ten minutes for $1.99
  • Among one of the most affordable psychic reading services
  • All psychics come with an in-depth profile page and customer reviews
  • Comes with a satisfaction guarantee in the form of Keen credits
  • A large variety of advisors available


  • Limited bilingual advisors
  • Doesn’t offer a video call option

Keen has been around for 20 years now and is one of the fastest-growing psychic reading services today. Each advisor on Keen needs to have a minimum of five years of experience and requires passing several tests before being recruited.

Users can choose from various psychic readings, including dream analysis, relationship advice, or any other questions they have. It’s also possible to set your desired price range as you browse through the various psychics.

Keen also includes a useful application that you can download onto your device to enjoy in-depth readings from wherever you are.

5. Oranum – Best Live Video Readings


  • Free $9.99 in psychic reading credits for new visitors
  • Wide range of psychics specializing in various fields
  • Different language options and time zones available
  • The best option for face-to-face readings
  • Plenty of information is available on every psychic


  • Slightly cluttered web design
  • High package prices

Oranum offers a wide range of psychics to opt for on their reading site. They specialize in various areas, and users can also choose between several time zones and languages.

It’s easy to join the platform; all you need is an e-mail address, and customers can view live psychics and even interact with them via the chatting option before deciding to go for a private call.

Oranum psychics mainly specialize in answering your questions about love, finances, and dream interpretation.

6. PsychicOz – Best Psychic Directory


  • First three minutes free with the introductory offer
  • Known for providing accurate readings
  • Advanced search filter to categorize psychics
  • Discounts available for frequent members
  • Strict hiring process for all their psychic mediums


  • Lack of reviews covering their site
  • ‘’Expert’’ online psychics tend to set very high rates

Founded in 1989, PsychicOz’s network is home to some of the most talented and accurate psychics online.

At PsychicOz, users can choose between chatting online, having a phone reading, and emailing. Additionally, there is a wide range of psychics and tarot card readers who specialize in answering questions about your love life, career, or providing information about your past self.

7. LifeReader – Best Value for First Time Users


  • First four minutes free for new users
  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Includes helpful articles and weekly horoscope predictions
  • Affordable package deals available
  • Features certified psychics in various fields.


  • Limited phone call options
  • No phone application available
  • No video interaction tool

Based in New Zealand, LifeReader features plenty of certified psychics that promise to help with various aspects of your life, including healing, spiritual guidance, and love.

Their website showcases a clean, easy-to-navigate design that makes it ideal for new users. On top of that, visitors can also explore exciting articles on the platform and even read their horoscope.

Not only does LifeReader provide the initial four minutes of the reading for free, but first-time users can also take advantage of ten-minute calls for only $.19 per minute.

They missed out first pick after receiving bad reviews for customer service. So tread lightly with this one.

Best 100% Free Psychic Readings by Apps and Software

Psychic readings also come as apps and software too, since they’re a convenient way to get some insight from anywhere.

While the free options aren’t as accurate or in-depth as a professional psychic reading, it can still be a fun and sometimes eerily precise way to pass the time or learn more about the world of divination.


Cafe Astrology is beneficial for checking your birth chart, keeping up with astrology news and information, love sign compatibility calculation, and much more.

You can also receive a free natal chart report just by putting in your date of birth, name, and e-mail address.

Users can also enjoy the “Ask Annie” option, where you can ask a professional astrologer some of your more pressing questions. Astrologer Annie mainly specializes in the areas of love, career, and personality. It’s also possible to see previous user questions and their answers for more insight.

Lotus Tarot

Free psychic tarot reading sites are useful for when you want a quick answer to your question. While it won’t go into as much detail as professional reading services would, it’s still an excellent and free way to test your intuition.

The free psychic reading works by having you shuffle virtual decks, after which you can choose six cards from the Major Arcana pile. Once that’s done, you will be brought to a page where each card is shown with its description and how it may affect your personal life.

Lotus Tarot also offers expert live video and chatting readings too if you wish to talk with a real advisor.

Purple Garden

The Purple Garden app focuses primarily on offering live calls and chats from the convenience of your smartphone.

Featuring some of the top psychics, users can get advice on various aspects of their lives, including career path, love life, health, and more. It’s easy to find the medium you want based on their area of expertise, which you can filter via the app.

Additionally, there are plenty of different categories available, such as palm reading, relationship coaching, oracle guidance, tarot readings, and astrology.

Astrology Answers

Astrology Answers is one of the best sources of information about any of your astrology questions. Not only does it offer daily horoscope readings and valuable articles, but users can also enjoy free compatibility readings based on career, love, pets, and tarot.

For those of you wanting to learn more about astrology, there are also plenty of astrology tools available as well, such as the astrological dictionary, numerology calculator, and dream interpretation.

Members also have access to an online shop where they can buy jewelry, tarot decks, clothes, and more.

What Psychic Sites Are Best for Love Readings?

Kasamba is the best platform for love readings.

It features an abundance of love and relationship advisors who are highly experienced in their field.

Each psychic advisor on Kasamba includes a complete profile highlighting their credentials, specialty, and other customer reviews to help you choose.

Lastly, it’s possible to choose from various reading types, such as phone, video, and online psychic chat consultations for your convenience, with the first three minutes free of charge for new users.

What’s the Best Platform for Tarot Readings?

Kasamba also offers some of the best tarot reading services.

With over 188 tarot reading advisors available, customers can choose to browse through the many psychic mediums when selecting someone they connect with best.

On top of tarot readings, Kasamba also offers both cartomancy and angel card readings too.

Are Online Psychic Readings Accurate?

Generally, online readings can often be more accurate than in-person sessions, since the psychic medium isn’t presented with visual cues to use to their advantage, such as your clothes and body language.

How to Choose the Best Psychic Site?

Choosing the best psychic site depends on what you’re looking for and the type of reading you wish to get. For example, Keen offers the best online chat option service and comes with a useful application whereas AskNow is the best option for phone call readings.

With so many psychic readers out there, make sure to research each platform, and read their customer reviews, to ensure that it’s the most suitable choice for you.

What Happens During a Professional Online Psychic Reading?

To get the most out of a psychic reading, it’s crucial to prepare the questions you wish to ask beforehand and try to remain as open-minded as possible.

The session also depends on the form of divination you’ve chosen, whether it’s tarot, runes, or a past life reading.

Each psychic reading begins with a brief chat to get you feeling comfortable. This is also an opportunity for your advisor to feel your energy and create a connection.

Sometimes it can take over one session to provide the answers you’re looking for; other times, the messages that come out of a psychic reading may not seem to click right away, but can appear later on.

What Questions Should I Ask During Online Psychic Readings?

It depends on what you’re looking for; for example, if it’s love, career, or a pet reading, the questions will significantly differ.

However, the general rule of thumb is to make sure to ask open-ended questions to get the most out of a psychic reading, and avoid questions that lead to a simple ‘’yes’’ or ‘’no’’ answer.

For more insight, keep in mind some of the most common questions people ask their psychic readers: When will I find love? How can I advance in my career? What are some things that you can tell me about my partner?”

Which Is Better: Free Psychic Readings Through Apps and Software, or a Professional Reading?

While free psychic reading sites can be fun and sometimes even accurate, there’s no beating a professional session with certified psychic readers.

With an experienced advisor, you’ll have a reading that will reflect what you want to know and offer a lot more insight about the topic at hand.

Additionally, many popular psychic platforms such as Keen, Kasamba, and Psychic Source offer free minutes and other introductory packages for first-time visitors to get you started.

What to Do if Your Psychic Reading Is Wrong?

There are a couple of reasons your reading might go wrong: maybe yours or the reader’s energy was off, or perhaps the answers made little sense to you.

Whatever the case, it’s a good idea to give it a couple of days to see if some situations arise that reflect your reading. Sometimes readings take a while to click because a good advisor doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.

However, if you felt the psychic reader was utterly inaccurate and got a bad feeling about the entire session, you’re free to end the meeting and request your money back.

Best Online Psychics in Review

Psychic readings usually offer a lot of insight into various aspects that you want to know more about. So, it’s essential to choose an online psychic website that you can trust, with reputable advisors and a good customer service team to help you out. Read this post for more on this.

While free psychic readings can be a fun way to pass the time, we recommend professional psychics for more serious readings to ensure that you get the answers you need.

Lastly, most of the sites in this article are easy to join and only require your name and e-mail address for signing up.

We hope that our guide will help you find a psychic advisor you can connect with and that you get the answers and peace of mind you seek. Thanks for reading.

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