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Knowing which CBD gummies to buy isn’t something everyone can take their sweet time with.

As one of the most popular methods for taking CBD, gummies have become the go-to for the old and young, experienced and newcomer. As it’s an easy way to take CBD, a lot of entrepreneurs have been looking at the gummy market with wide eyes, deciding that it’s the perfect opportunity to cash in on “the green rush.”

With the massive amount of brands trying to enter the CBD gummy market, it can be overwhelming to study which brands are the best. That’s why we’ve decided to put together 20 of our favorite brands based on quality, value, and consistency.

Verma Farms

Developing a reputation for being one of the best gummy companies in the business, Verma Farms reigns supreme. Verma is known as a company for being one of the best to define variety, quality, texture, and taste. With everything from Maui Melon to sugar-free gummy bears, Verma Farms has the lineup of best CBD gummies on the market, providing solutions that any and all CBD fans can get down with. And as their pricing is one of the more affordable for what you’re getting, Verma provides one of the smarter values in the game over anyone else.


As an incredibly popular name in CBD, PureKana definitely knows a thing or two about keeping it pure. Similar to Penguin brand in that they only have one offering, PureKana has a single multi-pack of gummies that starts at $40. A vegan solution that is 25mg per piece, they offer 20 gummies per package as one of the more potent but affordable solutions available. Considering the following that PureKana has built, this solution is one of the more popular in the CBD market, especially when it comes to the best CBD gummies.

Lord Jones

Coming in with the Cadillac of CBD gummies, Lord Jones doesn’t hold back on being one of the best in the business. Although they charge a little bit of a premium for their products, Lord Jones includes gumdrop flavors like blood orange, white peach, blueberry, and assorted berries. Coming in at 20mg per gumdrop, these are definitely “after work” gummies; however, they are worth it every time. Check these out if you’re looking for a “treat” offering to include in your week-to-week.


Although they only have one selection, Penguin serves CBD fans well with their gummies. With a multipack that starts at $45.00, Penguin offers one of the best starting points for CBD gummies, especially for the dosage. At 10mg per piece, Penguin’s CBD gummy pack contains 30 worms, which is a great price considering everything you’re getting out of the bunch. Overall, Penguin won’t leave you out in the cold when it comes to gummies, warming your needs for a solid go-to gummy each and every time.

Sunday Scaries

Growing a reputation for their namesake, Sunday Scaries represents themselves well (especially with their flagship gummies). If you’re not familiar with the term, “Sunday Scaries” is essentially the end-of-the-week anxiety over the upcoming workweek, whereas their gummies help play a tremendous role in alleviating any fears over what’s to come. With gummies in regular or vegan variety, Sunday Scaries is also reasonably more affordable than other offerings, starting at $31. Sunday Scaries is aiming to give you the best value per bite, especially with Vitamins B12 and D3 embedded and each bottle offering 20 10mg gummies.

Charlotte’s Web

A top-tier name in CBD, Charlotte’s Web knows how to deliver on a quality product. Deciding their CBD gummy names based on different effects, Charlotte’s Web includes Sleep, Calm, and Recovery, each starting at $44.99. At 10mg per piece, Charlotte’s Web also includes other great ingredients in those varieties like ginger, turmeric, and melatonin, which all help to alleviate the complementary purposes listed. As one of the best in the business, Charlotte’s Web doesn’t hold back on producing quality gummies.

Not Pot

Becoming a popular name in CBD, Not Pot has cleverly found their way towards the top of many “best CBD gummy” lists, and quite frankly, it’s easy to see why. Not only is their branding on point, but their offering of gummies holds its own too, coming in with vegan, organic solutions anyone can enjoy. With flavors like strawberry, blue raspberry, watermelon, pineapple, green apple, grape, and elderberry (which includes immunity strength like Zinc, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and B vitamins), Not Pot has a well-rounded assortment to consider. And by providing a better value than most at $39.99 per bottle, Not Pot is definitely a win-win for anyone looking to get into CBD gummies.

Kush Queen

To call yourself Kush Queen means you need to be performing at a high level. . . which for them, isn’t a problem at all. With gummies that include regular, Sleep, and Bliss, Kush Queen makes their selection a cinch. At $39.99 per bottle, it also comes with the peace of mind you’re getting a good value with every purchase. Yes, Kush Queen is definitely a brand that could reign supreme over all the CBD lands, which is why their gummies are worth checking out.


A popular name in CBD, CBDistillery keeps it simple with its offerings, including regular and melatonin versions. Each bottle is $55 each, with both coming in at 30mg of CBD per piece and 25 pieces per bottle. That’s not a bad value, and if you’re someone who uses CBD for both daytime and nighttime relief, their 2-pack of gummies is also a good bargain price at $90. Holding a consistent value, CBDistillery is well worth keeping in your arsenal of CBD gummies.


What we like about PlusCBD is how much quality they put into their product while also trying to keep things accessible. Including 10, 30, and 60 counts, PlusCBD has the flavors Cherry Mango and Citrus Punch. Although those are the only two options, they provide more punch than you might think. Give PlusCBD a shot if you’re looking for a brand that puts a lot into their CBD overall, while providing a high value product for their gummies.

A Final Note On CBD

While we love CBD gummies and advocate for their potential benefits, always consult with your doctor before consuming them. Not only will a medical professional help you decide what type of CBD and dosage are best for you, but also whether or not you can take CBD in general. We want everyone to have the best experience possible, and that starts with the knowledge base of how CBD can be helpful to you in the long run, becoming an integral part of your healthy lifestyle.

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