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It’s not exactly easy to score if your only option is the local bar or club scene. If you’ve seen the slim pickings and cliquish crowds, then you know for a fact that using hookup and online dating sites is the better option. Let’s take a brief look at a few hookup sites:
Adult Friend Finder gets a strong 9/10. Your basic account will level up like a video game mission if you decide to purchase the premium credits. Tinder, surprisingly, gets a 10/10 also because the system is so easy to use and you can communicate with the other parties interested in hookups, free. Craigslist Activities, however, gets a 6.5/10 because although using the site is free, you have no idea what lingers behind the computer screen.

The sites in the list below let you talk to people without the interference of loud music, fake profiles, and war pigs. You will find singles in your area, complete with pictures, bios, and stats. The searches filter to people who match your preferences.

Still, a lot of hookup and dating sites are purportedly fake. Learning this the hard way can be costly and time-consuming. Can you really get laid on the best totally free hookup websites? Let’s see.

The Top Free Free Hookup Sites (2021)

Best Hookup Sites List

1. Reddit – Best 100% Free Hookup Site


  • 366k members providing plenty of fish to hook
  • Anonymous, safe
  • Anything goes


  • Trolls
  • Lots of male virgin posts
  • No real pics of users


  • Flair filters (F4M, M4F, F4R)
  • Concise, descriptive headers

The best place on Reddit for hookups is r/r4r, a NSFW subreddit. It has more than 366,000 members, roughly 800 online at any given time. Here, you can post ads for FWB and no-strings-attached sex. They welcome everyone, especially MILFs, cuckolds, virgins, and swingers.

On r/r4r, the rules are simple. You must post your age and gender in the subject line of your post. You cannot put personal contact info or social media links in the body of your message. They forbid content-selling or trolling, though the last is hard to enforce. 18+.

2. Adult FriendFinder – Best Free Local Hookup App


  • 80 million members from all demographics
  • Clean, detailed layout
  • Detailed search options


  • 80 percent male
  • Past security problems
  • Scammers and thots


  • Facebook-like community feed
  • Member blogs, groups
  • Chat, livestream

Adult FriendFinder (AFF) is the most popular and trafficked dating site for singles, swingers, and open couples around the world. It’s totally free to join for anyone 18 or older. The site only prohibits convicted felons and sex offenders. Otherwise, they welcome all types and fetishes.

Profiles are quite explicit compared to other sites. And it’s nice for women as OnlyFans girls as you can grow your following and receive tons of praise via their social media feature.

The best way to find hookups on Adult FriendFinder is in their free chat rooms and forums. After you open an AFF account, go into the chat rooms and start posting. Once you connect with someone you fancy, arrange an off-site correspondence, such as through e-mail or Skype.

3. Ashley Madison – Best Site for Establishing Hookups Between Married People


  • Sex-positive community
  • Discreet
  • W4M message free


  • 90 percent male
  • Fake accounts, thots
  • Past security breaches


  • Chat rooms
  • Traveling Man app (destination hookups)

Few dating sites are as blatantly pro-sex as Ashley Madison, the site for people seeking affairs. If you’re worried about getting caught or outed, fear not because everyone here practices the utmost discretion (lives and political careers depend on it).

If you’re a woman seeking men, you can send and receive messages absolutely free on Ashley Madison. If you’re a guy, get their free one-month membership plan and use it to get your profile in front of those horny women. The site uses credits, not fixed membership fees, so you’d pay as you go if you ever decide to do so.

4. Plenty of Fish – Best Compatibility Features for Solid Hookups


  • 40 percent female
  • Likely to have an engagement
  • Popular with single women


  • Lengthy signup steps
  • Sex talk prohibited


  • UltraMatch
  • Chemistry predictor

Plenty of Fish (POF) is one of the oldest and most respected dating sites. The emphasis is dating, not hookups, but this can work to your advantage. The gender ratio is 40/60 and most of the profiles are real and active. If you’re a guy with game, the odds are good.

POF offers plenty of free features. You can view and send unlimited messages at no cost. You can also use the site’s advanced matching feature to find the members you really want.

5. Tinder – Best Free Hookup with Simplistic Features


  • Popular with singles
  • DTF-minded user base
  • Endless photo feed
  • Must have good photos
  • Competitive


  • Photo albums
  • Swipe left / swipe right
  • Super Like feature

Tinder is the app that brought hookup culture to the mainstream. It’s free to join and use. Once you start an account and upload a photo, you can start swiping through pics of your preferred gender.

To get the most from Tinder at no cost, swipe through singles for 10-15 minutes at a time, several times per day. Swipe right on those you like, swipe left on those you don’t. Be discriminate and swipe left 75 percent of the time (Tinder takes you more seriously that way). If you get a mutual like, move the correspondence off Tinder ASAP.

6. SexMessenger – Newest Free Hookup App


  • Pro-sex, libertine vibe
  • 4.5 million connections
  • 100 million hot photos


  • Mostly male
  • Thots, cam girls


  • Sex cams
  • Facebook-like feed
  • Online status indicators

Of all the new hookup apps geared toward straight men, few are as unapologetically libertine as SexMessenger. It’s tagline says it all: “Fuck Rinse Repeat.”

To see who’s down for quick, hot sex in your area, look for the green “I’m ON IM” indicator under the profile pics of the hottest members. You can browse the singles sections and profiles at no cost. On SexMessenger, you can learn which local singles are DTF in a heartbeat.

7. Pure App – Instant Hookups


  • Casual sex oriented
  • Easy to use
  • Protects anonymity


  • Fake female profiles
  • Thots, escorts


  • Heart button (black)
  • Chat button (pink)

Pure (not to be confused with the Christian PureMatch app) is an app for “after-dark adventures.” After you load it to your iOS or Android, browse at no cost and see if you like the pickings in your area.

Pure’s longtime slogan, “Sex Here and Now,” makes it clear that this is for DTF encounters. Each ad you post will last one hour. This keeps security tight and prevents outdated ads from lingering in the search results.

After all, what’s the good in seeing some nearby hottie’s ad when the guy next door beats you to the punch?

8. Bumble – Girl-Power Hookup Site


  • 50 percent female, and they are aggressive and horny
  • Facebook sign-in to make things easier


  • More LTR than DTF
  • Raunchiness frowned upon


  • Beeline (swipe-right alerts)
  • Swipe left/right
  • Backtrack (undo left swipes)

Bumble is a mirror image of Tinder with one key twist: women make the first move. For guys, this is both bad and good. It’s bad because you have little control over the situation. It’s good because the women do all the work.

To score free hookups on Bumble (as a guy), open an account, post your best profile pic, and wait for the likes to come pouring in. It may not be your go-to casual sex app, but it can still add to your pool of pussy.

9. Craigslist Activities – Easiest, Freest Meeting Site


  • Easy to use
  • All types of interests
  • Anything goes


  • Not really for hookups
  • Low activity since COVID


  • Favorite posts (gold star)
  • Post details (city, date, map)

Ever since Craigslist ended its Personals section, users have flocked to the Activities section for similar thrills. It’s not a sex or dating forum, per se, but you can post about any type of social activity between two or more people, including hookups.

To find singles nearby, post an ad at no cost and check the newest local ads each day. If you start exchanging messages with someone, try to hold a cam chat before meeting in person. Most people don’t post pictures on Craigslist so it’s hard to know what you’re getting.

10. Fetlife – Best Fetish Hookup Website


  • 600,000 NSFW images
  • All kinks welcome


  • Fetish, not DTF oriented
  • Lots of non-meetup members


  • Facebook-style member profiles
  • Text/video chat
  • Photo comment box
  • 144k member groups

Fetlife is a social media site for people into the fetish lifestyle. The site encompasses all legal fetishes, including leather, latex BDSM, cuckold, and hotwife fantasies. As you know, people into the fetish lifestyle tend to be sexually adventurous.

Remember, this is foremost a fetish community, not a dating or swingers site. To score hookups with local members, register a free Fetlife account and get to know the users and lingo. The layout is intuitive and Facebook-like with a Pinterest-style wall feed.

You might find it easier on here than Tinder because Fetlife members are open-minded and nonjudgmental.

11. Grindr – Hookup Site for DTF Gay Swingers


  • High success ratio
  • Popular in cities
  • 90 percent DTF user base


  • Geotracking entrapment
  • HIV-status doxing


  • Viewed me
  • Message unsend
  • Incognito browsing

Grindr is the all-gay Tinder. In terms of contact conversion, it’s the most successful hookup app. (Not a difficult feat when all the members are horny men.) If you’re gay, it’s easy to score hookups on Grindr.

To start your Grindr adventures, sign up for their seven-day free trial. You can post your NSFW photos and flip through profiles of nearby DTF gay men. If you fancy bears, twinks, or other specific types, adjust your search accordingly.

12. – Kinkiest Hookup Site


  • Anything goes
  • All kinks welcome
  • NSFW vibe


  • Escorts, webcam thots
  • Catfish, fake profiles


  • Profiles with stats
  • Video chat
  • Topic rooms (leather, rubber, etc)
  • Local/regional meetup rooms is a BDSM and alternative lifestyles personals site that, like Fetlife, functions as a community. With a free account, you can post your photo, browse profiles, leave comments on member’s posts, and view messages and notifications from others.

The site is basically a Facebook-like platform for kinky people. Though it’s more about lifestyles than dating or hookups, a lot of the people here are libertines. If you get into the site’s culture and language, it could become your hunting ground.

FAQs for Best Free Hookup Sites

What’s the best 100% free hookup site?

The best site for hookups is Reddit r4r. Unlike most online dating websites, it costs nothing to use. The posts on this subreddit are often made by lonely people who are looking for fun. Most of these posts are long and detailed. You can learn a lot about each poster.

Unlike the typical dating site, where members post brief bios, most of the messages on r4r provide a window into the poster’s soul. You could possibly find a good match on r4r, or at least someone you connect with well, if you read the posts and respond to the interesting ones.

To meet people and possibly get laid off r4r, join the subreddit, read the rules, and make your first post. Read the posts of other members that meet your criteria and upvote the ones you like. If you mutually connect with someone, take the correspondence off Reddit to somewhere more personal (Skype, e-mail) as soon as possible.

What’s the best free hookup app?

The best dating app that gets people laid at no cost is Tinder. Unlike other online dating resources that are geared toward people seeking relationships, Tinder’s users are looking to fuck, pure and simple.
In cities, people use the free version of the app more than any other dating app or dating site. Its features are intuitive and simple: swipe right on the people you like and if they swipe right on you too, you have a match.

The app has exploded in the months since COVID-19. As bars remain closed and online dating sites see more traffic, many people are now looking on Tinder for matches.

It’s not known how many casual sex encounters actually take place through the app, but if you use it daily and learn how to pace and lead each contact, you should do well.

Are free trials on some hookup sites legit?

A trial offer is only good if it lets you use the service. A dating website that makes you pay before you can even use its features is probably a scam. With so many online dating sites to choose from, any site that won’t let you experience what’s in store is not worth its share of the market.

Try the many sites with no-cost features and choose the one that matches your criteria. If it works well and you like the users, then and only then should you consider a monthly, quarterly, or one year membership.

What’s the opposite of a free hookup site?

The opposite of the websites covered in this article are sites like, which frown upon casual sex and one-night stands. Unless you are looking for the one, that site won’t help you get what you’re after.
If you’re looking for a long term relationship with your life-long match, use Seeking or Those sites are designed to help you match with marriage-minded users in your income bracket and social demographic.

If you’re not looking for a long term serious relationship and instead want lots of instant dates with hot DTF matches, the best sites and apps are the ones discussed in this article. Use the free version of your favorite casual dating app.

Tips for Using Free Hookup Sites

When you meet someone on a dating app or website, make sure you know them well enough to trust them before you meet in person. Inspect their dating profile for red flags and hold a live video chat. That way, you’ll get a sense of his or her mannerisms and have a better idea about whether you’d like to meet face-to-face.

Don’t give out your full real name or address to anyone who you haven’t yet met in a neutral, safe location. If you’re just looking for a one-time affair, consider a hotel. Only invite someone back to your place after you’ve been on a few dates.

Final Remarks

Dating and sex apps are among the many great recreations of the modern age. Why bother going to bars or clubs when you can simply swipe right from your couch and have a virtual or real date that night? It doesn’t take much more than an active hand and some funny, clever texts.

The websites and apps in this article can help you save money in the dating game. They might not be the best places to find relationships, but you might find casual thrills that you won’t get anywhere else.

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