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When it comes to virtual reality pornography, there’s a lot to choose from. A simple Google search returns all types of results. But one site in particular, VRSmash, was one of the first VR porn sites and continues to be among the most popular for viewers.

One of the reasons why is purely the amount of content that they have to offer to their viewers, but that is not the only thing. Here is a quick list of some of VRSmash’s features and basic info before we take a more in-depth look.

VRSmash Features

  • Approximately 100 new videos a month
  • Content includes both 180-degree and 360-degree viewing angles
  • Over 10,000 VR scenes available
  • Maximum video resolution of 8K
  • All of the content is VR!

No Downloads Or Install Required On Oculus Quest

This adult entertainment site even has its own web-based application (no download needed) that supports all platforms and headset setups. You can access more than 70 full-length scenes that can be downloaded for free. This allows you to see if VRSmash has something you might like before committing to paying for a subscription. The site is user-friendly, including a search setup that allows viewers to find what they are looking for based on categories, pornstars, and even studios.

Streaming Quality

VRSmash is simple to use with no installations required, and you do not have to wait for content to download thanks to their browser that immediately loads scenes. When streaming, content can be viewed at resolutions of 1080p or 1440p due to limitations, but if you download the content, then you can view it in up to 8K.

The Best VR Porn Site Of Many

All of the content located on VRSmash is full length and high quality. While there is some content that may lead to a separate paid viewing site, most content is available with the VRSmash subscription. With the sheer amount of content that this site has, it is very unlikely that you would need to use any other VR adult content sites or software.

VRSmash Premium Subscription: How Much Does It Cost?

Like most subscription-based services they have a few different pricing plans for their customers. You can pay per month, per year, or for one flat fee you can gain access for life! Access to VRSmash is currently $29.99 per month, $239.88 per year, or you can pay $420.69 to gain access to all content for life, including new content that is added.


The only downside to VRSmash at the moment is that none of their content is interactive or teledildonic. There is no doubt that content of that type will begin appearing on the site in order for it to keep up with competition. There are more than enough scenes to explore in the meantime as you wait for newer technology and features.

In Summary

When it comes to virtual reality adult entertainment, VRSmash is one of the best sites out there, and it is more than likely that they will just keep getting better. If you are interested at all, there are more than 70 full-length, downloadable, and completely free scenes that may be just what you need to get hooked on VRSmash.

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