Maybe I am caught up in the Holiday Season but I am now in phase of looking back over the year in terms of relationships. I came across a lot of damaged items over the past year and yeah, as I own too many sweaters so I really have no room in my closet for skeletons, mine or others. I noticed I had a habit of hanging around too long in the relationship but I can only attribute to fact finding and putting that Sociology degree to good use. Doing some field tests, taking note of reactions, making discoveries and ultimately writing a thesis in my head that sums the person up and then puts them in one of two categories: broken or incredible. Now, even broken people can be incredible and incredible people can turn out to be incredibly broken. The trick is looking at the person and see how they deal with their life and how much of what they need to handle gets passed off on you and when and why they would share it.

that I also have always done this thing, I guess it’s therapeutic on some level, where after all is said and done, the person is pretty much dead. Not physically but as far as being a girlfriend or whatever goes, yeah that is dead and buried. The next step is an Irish funeral of sorts. Friends are over and the stories start. She’s gone so it becomes one joke after another about the last one. Then come out the tells. It’s like when you play cards and you know straight off when a person is bluffing but in this case completely full of shit. So why even bother sticking around? No good reason other than it is really interesting to see how far and how full of shit a person may be. Plus it makes the wake of the relationship a really good time.