The Chicago Reader is raising funds to get through the COVID-19 crisis through a wide range of special projects. Their latest is a book filled with dozens of activities for those 21+, including coloring book pages, recipes from well-known chefs, mind-melting puzzles by canna gurus, and activities by acclaimed poets and artists.

Stoned: The Chicago Reader 420 Companion for Coloring, Cooking, and Creating is just $14.20 as a PDF, and $24.20 as a printed copy. Order here (21+ only).

The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless receives 15% of the revenue from the project.

The contributors are: Diana Aguila, Holly Anderson, Phaydra Babinchok, Kim Ballje, Angelina Bastidas, David Lee Csicsko, Kevin Coval, Daniel Espinoza, Perry Galanopoulos, Javier Garcia, Jd Grey, Kyndall Harper, O.J. Hays, Chef T.A. Johnson, Niki Jones, Won Kim, Steve Krakow , Marina Labarthe del Solar, Judith Mayer, Cecilia Nonis , Joanna Northage-Orr, Jon Perl, Apolonia Ramon, Edgar Ramon, Revolution Cannabis, Kristy Ann Richlan Bockelman, Christopher Sayegh, Christian Schulz, Lisa Solomon Mann, LaShandra Smith-Rayfield, Lauren Tipton, Felix Vogele, and Bobbi-Lee Williams.

Full details below on all of the people who contributed to Stoned.


Diana Aguila

@srtaroknrol / @herbanhaus

Diana Aguila is an art director and founder of Herban Haus, a design studio in Chicago specializing in the worlds of cannabis and mind and body wellness. From strategic brand building to digital experiences, she helps navigate brands to a place of real cultural value.

Holly Anderson

Medical Cannabis DIY

@medicalcannabisdiy / @mcrdiy420

We are a community of medical cannabis patients helping other patients. We help with recipes, instruction, discounts on needed equipment, facilitating private patient learning events and providing a safe place for patients and caregivers to share and learn.

Phaydra Babinchok


My love of cannabis and dessert motivated me to give baking a try—if I can do it so can you. This is just my side-gig until I can get my TV show about weed-loving women made.

Kim Ballje

The Ganja Chronicles


I am a highly knowledgeable budtender at a dispensary on the southside of Chicago. I am the creator and editor of The Ganja Chronicles, a blog dedicated to cannabis use and recipes. I tend to infuse a lot of my home cooking and baking with RSO.

Angelina Bastidas


@chefangelinabastidas / @tournant_chi

Angelina specializes in infused, private fine dining experiences with expertly curated pairings for a fun, unique and safe guided time you won’t forget. Currently offering non-infused meals for $19 with delivery.

David Lee Csicsko


David Lee Csicsko is an active Chicago artist, his projects include the Belmont L, Margaret Donahue Park, the Chapel at Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital & bags for Mariano’s. His art is smart, quirky, colorful & always a lively celebration.

Kevin Coval


Kevin Coval is a poet and author, most recently of Everything Must Go: Life and Death of an American Neighborhood.

Daniel Espinoza


Born and raised in Humboldt Park, Danny’s Mexican cuisine is inspired by grandmothers all over Mexico. Danny trained at a Michelin star restaurant in the South of France, and was a finalist on Top Chef Mexico.

Perry Galanopoulos

FuFluns’ Foods


Supply chain expert who researched how hemp products are produced and how the different modes impact both the final product and our environment. FuFluns is one of few companies offering unprocessed, naturally contaminant-free products that are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, which are important because they work synergistically—and therefore more effectively—than CBD alone (leading practitioners call this the “entourage effect”).

Javier Garcia

Big Mich, inc.


Enjoy an early summer treat with this Mango Limeade Raspada. Keep cool while staying safe.

Jd Grey


Chicago original, maker of cool stuff, living the dream!

Kyndall Harper

Tastebud Edibles


Local southside chef specialized small batch infused delicatessen; sweet and savory. The attention is always in the details, so do not forget the simplest ingredient; besides love…Cannabis!

O.J. Hays


O.J. is a multi talented visual artist. He’s an active force in Chicago’s art, music, and skateboard scenes.

Chef T.A. Johnson

Bud Voyage

@t.a.johnson_est88 / @budvoyagetheshow

Chicago- born and raised chef who grew up on the food scenes. Made my love for cooking and cannabis into a lifelong career.

Niki Jones

Love and Light Everywhere

@loveandlighteverywhere / @loveandlightE

Niki Jones is the founder of Love and Light Everywhere, which focuses on the areas of meditation, yoga, and cannabis through advocacy, instruction, and facilitation. Using cannabis as medicine has transformed Niki’s life, combining the use of cannabis and ancient yogic practices that she now shares with others. Please reach out for personal classes or experiences, which can be customized.

Won Kim

@revisecmw / @kimskichicago

Won Kim is the head chef of Kimski who also likes to paint and DJ.

Steve Krakow

Plastic Crimewave

Chicago-native Plastic Crimewave is known for being a “psychedelic guru” of sorts, and is the creator of the Galactic Zoo Dossier, a hand-drawn magazine published by Drag City since 2001. Crimewave also runs the Galactic Zoo Disk reissue label imprint that is manufactured/distributed by Drag City and roving label Galactic Archives, has drawn/written the biweekly Secret History of Chicago Music “info strip” for the Chicago Reader for more than a decade, founded and books the avant-psych festival Million Tongues featuring international musicians, has exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and has drawn countless comics, posters, album covers, and branding art for Lush Cosmetics.

Marina Labarthe del Solar


Marina is a Latinx, transgender artist, activist, and oral historian. They live and study in New York City.

Judith Mayer


Judith Mayer is an American lettering artist and illustrator born and raised in the midwest and the daughter of an immigrant. Her work is influenced by her years as a designer and her love for midcentury-modern and pop art.

Cecilia Nonis

Half Day CBD

@wheresmygiraffe / @halfdaycbd

Cecilia Nonis is a Chicago-based graphic designer and illustrator. Half Day is a Chicago-based CBD company.

Joanna Northage-Orr

In Fine Feather

@fine_feather_foods / @patronsaintofsaturdays

In Fine Feather is a Chicago business that specializes in private events, culinary workshops, and personal chef services.

Jon Perl

Jon is an art/creative director, graphic designer, and aspiring billionaire. Jon had the great honor of being named Time magazine’s 2006 Person of the Year.

Apolonia Ramon

Practical Potions Apothecary


I am a clinical herbalist and cannabis enthusiast. I work with plants and people to cultivate health and wellness.

Edgar Ramon

Chamba Life


Founder of Chamba Life dinner experiences. Working with the best cannabis chefs, we create fine dining the way it should be.

Revolution Cannabis

@revcanna / @RevolutionCanna

Revolution Cannabis operates smart, technologically-advanced facilities that are designed to produce pure, consistent medicines in new, reliable forms.

Kristy Ann Richlan Bockelman



Kristy Ann Richlan Bockelman is an Illinois medical cannabis patient originally from the east coast. She has years of experience cooking for a family with severe and life threatening food allergies, and has turned that knowledge, experience, and passion into creating nutritional recipes at home and for medical patients.

Christopher Sayegh

The Herbal Chef


Chef Chris Sayegh has pioneered the world of cannabis-infused fine dining, and now has become the foremost expert on the matter of plant medicine in cuisine.

Christian Schulz


Christian Schulz is a worldwide acting illustrator and logo designer from Munich, Germany. The goal in all my artwork is to bring up a smile for the customer and the viewer.

Lisa Solomon Mann


Lisa is a cannabis expert at the Reader. She cohosts a weekly “Cannabis Conversations” segment on The Ben Joravsky Show.

LaShandra Smith-Rayfield

Chicago Cannabis Company

@chicagocannabiscompany /

Chicago Cannabis Company was started in 2018 as a small business on the south side of Chicago, as a worker owned cooperative. Our goal has been to produce high-quality, crafted cannabis products, as well as be a source of credible cannabis education.

Lauren Tipton

Laurel Lu’s CBD Co. / Koalat Glass


Lauren Tipton is an advocate and medical cannabis patient with a background in culinary arts and a passion for herbal medicine. Laurel Lu’s was created when other patients began asking for help with their infusions to save money on their meds.

Felix Vogele

Chicago Grow Club


Chicago Grow Club is Chicago’s premiere cannabis cultivation club. Learn to grow from experts with fellow ganja enthusiasts.

Bobbi-Lee Williams

Bobbi’s Baked


Chef Bobbi creates magic through her reimagining of traditional comfort foods. She combines cannabis with whole food, plant-based ingredients to offer experiences that are satisfying and nutritious for the entire being.