Amber Nettles joined the Reader in August 2020 and quickly dug her heels in to lead our sales department through a turbulent period when much of Chicago was still shuttered due to the pandemic. Born on St. Patrick’s Day, Amber is a Pisces with Sagittarius rising and a moon in Taurus—an astrological combination that might explain how she developed such a wide range of interests and skills. Raised in Hampton, Virginia, she attended Christopher Newport University, and then worked in newspapers and radio for more than ten years. In 2014, she took an improv class and fell in love with comedy, and she began devoting her nights to class or performing on stage. Amber moved to Chicago in 2017, spent some time freelancing and volunteering, and worked at the Chicago Tribune before she came to the Reader. Amber’s favorite spots in the city include the 606 and cozy neighborhood standbys such as The Boiler Room, Webster’s Wine Bar, The Spice Room, and Taqueria Moran. She can also be found on local stages, performing improv, storytelling, and producing shows. In addition to comedy, Amber enjoys taking photos of her rescue cat Phantom and watching television—a passion that she channeled into a podcast titled “Will it Binge?” during the pandemic. Amber’s love of art and communication serve her well at the Reader, where she says she’s motivated by the paper’s dedication to its audience. “Joining the Reader meant I was helping to support an institution I believe in, one in which I hope I can make a difference,” she says. “I’m proud and honored to be a member of a diverse management team. Additionally, I like that I can dye my hair purple and not worry about getting fired.”

Twitter: @amberlnettles | IG: @phantomcatchicago