Production manager and resident Pixies enthusiast Kirk Williamson officially joined the Reader in October 2020 after a stunning nearly two-decade run at the Windy City Times. Born in Gary, Indiana and raised in Wheaton, Illinois, Kirk attended Wheaton Central High School (now Wheaton Warrenville South) before heading off to Beloit College, where he earned his degree in Russian. A Scorpio, Kirk is intelligent, inquisitive, and charismatic, which is probably why he’s got a knack for hosting and emceeing, which he does with aplomb at his weekly Kwizmaster Trivia nights. When he’s out and about, Kirk enjoys spending time at the Rogers Park Social, but he’s equally happy to chill in his living room while watching episodes of a trifecta of classic sitcoms that includes The Golden Girls, The Nanny, and Frasier. Sitcom or otherwise, if there was a TV show about his life, he’d be played by Jordan Peele (who ideally would also direct). Despite his own star appeal, Kirk remains incredibly modest. When asked about working at the Reader he said, “It’s a joy to be collaborating with such an innovative group of creators. I’m thankful that they regard me as being equal to their talents.” Right back atcha, Kirk!


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