Cancers are said to be loyal, intuitive, and caring, and those words describe the Reader’s culture editor Brianna Wellen to a T. The Rockton, Illinois native earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism at Columbia College before she joined the Reader crew in the spring of 2013. “Working at the Reader was always my dream job,” she says. “Just to be able to tell the stories of the people, places, experiences, and more in Chicago that don’t always get the spotlight. I still get to do that every day, and the fact that all my colleagues are weirdos like me makes it that much dreamier.” Along with all those weirdos, Brianna enjoys spending time with her siblings Lily and Lenny Wellen, her roommates Amira Jazeera and Atom Eyezd, and her cats / Reader Zoom-meeting regulars Tofu and Miso. A prolific comedic storyteller, Brianna has co-produced live lit series including Feminist Happy Hour, and she is the ONLY person on the paper’s staff who has starred in not one, but multiple hot dog commercials. Brianna’s list of favorite Chicago places could fill a small phone book of culture, comedy, and nightlife hotspots, with a few beloved dives including Parrots Bar & Grill, Late Bar, and Sidekicks thrown in for good measure. And like all true Chicagoans, she loves the lakefront. “There are truly too many more favorites to mention,” Brianna says. “This city is the best.”

Twitter: @briannawellen | Instagram: @breezamarie