Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Sujay Kumar moved to Chicago with his family in 1998, just in time for Michael Jordan to announce his second retirement. In the fourth grade he starred as the Prince of Morocco in the fifth grade’s production of The Merchant of Venice, but when he entered the University of Illinois he traded theatrical glory for the mighty pen, taking basic journalism courses while majoring in biochemistry. Despite Sujay’s talent for science, the fates steered him straight toward media after graduation. He earned his master’s in journalism at Columbia University and worked at the Daily Beast and then returned to the midwest to work for Fusion. Drawn to the Reader’s rich history of reporting, Sujay joined the team in 2018, and the next year he became co-editor in chief with Karen Hawkins. “I think we have a good thing,” he says, noting that their communication styles create a perfect balance. Most importantly, sharing EIC duties gives Sujay more time to focus on his love of editing longform stories. “People like me don’t usually get jobs like this, so I want to use my ‘big magazine editor’ power for good,” he says. The Daily Planet staff never really grasped that mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent and the more ostentatious Superman were the same guy, but at the Reader we get that some heroes do their best work beyond the spotlight.