William T. Rogers III joined the Reader in May 2019, following a 15-year run with the iconic African-American newspaper, Chicago Defender. Raised on Chicago’s west side, Will graduated from Austin High School and earned his degree in computer operations and management from the College of Automation, though he soon realized he had a greater passion for his fellow man than for any machine. “I love meeting new people,” he says. “I guarantee that when I come into a room, I’ll make a few new friends by the time I leave.” Will brings a similar enthusiasm to the Reader, where he thrives on finding ways to uplift small businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs, forging connections and opportunities for all in a city with a long history of disparity and segregation. For that reason, Will describes his gig at the Reader as the “best job ever,” noting his appreciation for the paper’s equitable approach to coverage and the diversity of its staff. On the weekends, Will enjoys playing tennis or retreating to his man cave with his Yorkies, Chloe and Chase, to watch classic westerns, sci-fi flicks, and modern cartoons. “I’ll watch anything about special powers,” he says. Will hasn’t divulged whether or not he has any superhuman abilities of his own, but if he does, there’s a good chance it’s related to his knack for getting people to laugh.

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