You may think you know Chicago’s independent media industry, but few people know its ins and outs quite like the Reader’s media partnerships coordinator Yazmin Dominguez—and she’s still just getting started! Raised in the Chicago suburbs, Yazmin graduated from Huntley High School before earning her bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in community service at DePaul University. She completed a reporting fellowship with City Bureau during her studies, and she joined the Reader shortly after graduating in 2019. Since then, this Leo has flexed her natural leadership skills, working with co-publishers Tracy Baim and Karen Hawkins to establish the Chicago Independent Media Alliance (CIMA), which unites nearly 70 local outlets for revenue and editorial projects that bolster their mutual survival and ability to serve their communities in an ever-changing media landscape. The experience has led Yazmin to view the journalism profession through a new lens. “I believe American journalism is going through a transformation that will only be accelerated by a younger generation of journalists that truly recognize the harm media has caused on communities of color, understand media’s influence, and the civic responsibility that comes with working in the industry,” she says. Outside of the Reader, Yazmin’s side hustle is working as a general operations staffer for various production companies in the city. You might just find her scanning your ticket, handing you free merch, or yelling at you to stay 6 feet apart as a social distance ambassador if you attend any Drive-In events this summer.