Sometimes I feel that maybe I move a little too fast when it comes to relationships. I can’t be entirely certain about which is the first, second and third date because most of the time they all just kind of blend together. The only thing I can hope for is that my date and I are staying on the same page. If that can be accomplished, I can forget about the number of dates and we can move forward even though I will undoubtedly think to myself on occasion that maybe I should not have mentioned one thing and certainly should have said another. Then again, what fun is a relationship without throwing caution to the wind, even if only for a minute. Regardless of the second guessing, the should-have-done-wish-I-would-have-done thinking countered by moments where all thinking stops and bold moves are made, the guy in this particular story definitely has me beat when it comes to bold moves and moving a bit too fast…

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A Story About Being Too Fast and Too Bold:

Women’s magazines and advice columns are constantly telling us that when it comes to dating, it is best to stay aloof and make sure that you don’t come across too strong to the opposite sex. I briefly worked for a matchmaking company and we would advise the women that they shouldn’t commit these top three, cardinal first-date sins: 1) Let the conversation be double-sided and do not dominate; 2) never bring up your past relationships because men are afraid of baggage; and 3) under no circumstances do you ever bring up future talk. Simple enough, right?