For an hour every day this week the Reader held a telethon live on our Facebook page and website. Thanks to everyone who tuned in, helped spread the word, and contributed, we exceeded our goal of donations from 250 readers. This puts us just over 25% of the way to our goal of donations from 1,000 people this month. You can still donate at:

Congratulations to our daily giveaway winners, Nicole, Edmond, Adithi, Glenn, and Zak! They each won a Reader tote bag and Reader reporter’s notebook from the Reader Store.

Watch again:

Monday, November 30

Hosts Brianna Wellen & Karen Hawkins

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Tuesday, December 1

Hosts Tracy Baim & Yazmin Dominguez

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Wednesday, December 2

Hosts: Amy Matheny & Kerry Reid

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Thursday, December 3

Hosts: Janaya Greene & Salem Collo-Julin

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Friday, December 4

Hosts: Sujay Kumar, Maya Dukmasova, & Adam M. Rhodes

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