The Chicago Reader Presents The Margarita Trail – A journey to map the top margaritas in town!

Vote on the best Margaritas in Chicago at our tequila-filled contest where you’ll drink and decide. You’ll get to sip on custom-made Margaritas of all kinds and at the end of the night—one lucky bartender will be named the Grand Champion and hoist the Margarita Cup high! Guests will also enjoy live mural paintings, appetizers, tasting stations, and fun games to win prizes from El Jimador.

Date/Time: Tuesday, April 26th (6-8pm)

Location: Barcocina (2901 N. Sheffield Ave., Chicago)

Cost: FREE! – MUST be 21+

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Bartenders Include:

Luis Mendoza

(Watch the preview video.)

Umberto Lear

(Watch the preview video.)

Mark Daress

Noeli Priego

(Watch the preview video.)

Nancy Montez

(Watch the preview video.)

Daniel Jahnke

(Watch the preview video.)

Shawn Hazen

(Watch the preview video.)

Luis Luna

(Watch the preview video.)

Sam Stone

(Watch the preview video.)

Adolfo Calderon

(Watch the preview video.)

Elizabeth Vega

(Watch the preview video.)

Jorge Hernandez

(Watch the preview video.)

Participate in an exclusive Margarita Tasting!
Times/Dates/Locations below:

Su Casa: Tequila Tasting April 18th – (6pm-7pm)

La Casa de Isaac & Moishe: Tequila Tasting April 20th – (5pm-6pm)

La Casa de Issac: Tequila Tasting April 20th – (6:30pm-7:30pm)

Graystone: Tequila Tasting April 21st – (6pm-7pm)

Barcocina: Tequila Tasting April 21st – (5pm -6pm)

Roscoes: Tequila Tasting April 21st – (7pm-8pm)

Club 64: Tequila Tasting April 23rd – (6pm-7pm)

Public House: Tequila Tasting May 4th – (5pm-6pm)

Patrons Hacienda: Tequila Tasting May 4th – (8pm-9pm)