First impressions are always the best. Whatever you comprehend is ultimately a reflection of the type of person you are. You first meet someone and yeah, they look good or yeah, they look bad. Either way you know exactly where or how far it will go with the person. You see one that looks good, alright awesome. Then you continue on with the person. Then you look again some time later and you are left scratching your head trying to figure out when or where it went wrong, trying to figure out exactly how you got to this point and why you are spending so much time even wondering why you care to even know the answers. The easiest way is just to throw it away and move on, count your losses and get on with yourself. She looked good that first night or maybe he seemed like the one but looking at where things are currently and how messed up they got, the best thing to do is just hit the ejection button and get out. You could stick around, but then everything is called into question: trust, intelligence, attraction, the future, etc. People are creatures of habit so even if you can pinpoint exactly where things went off track, do you really believe the other person can live up to their word and again, now you will have to spend more time so you wait but this time you wait with a high chance that they will put you right back in the same spot feeding you much more bullshit causing you to make, yet again, more choices and raising more questions. Relationships exist amongst two people but they are selfish. There is giving from one to benefit the other and taking from the other to benefit yourself or both of you. Of course, that is speaking ideally. On the flip side of that there is taking because you can, or taking advantage, and giving things like excuses, lies, things to cover up fuck-ups that were painstakingly obvious and deliberate and once those things on the flip side are given, and worse still accepted, well then there is no hope for anyone in the relationship. It has become all one-side. The other person knows that he or she can do whatever he or she wants knowing that the other person will just accept it. Freedom is a huge part of a relationship, you can’t really move forward with someone else weighing you down, it’s impossible and completely unhealthy considering the other person will have a breaking point and then all shit will hit the fan leaving those around when all hell breaks loose watching the situation unfold like it is a reality tv show, although if they are courteous enough they will Twitter what they are witnessing or video tape some of it on their iPhone and post it to Youtube. Then we can all take note of what exactly not to do. Granted, things do change as time goes on and you get to know the person so there is compromise because you can gauge if it’s worth it and the positive side of the give and take, exchange of trust, growth and moving forward which is the goal. So back to first impressions: the first night we went out she looked pretty. Months down the road she turned out to be pretty fucked up.