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See which designs won! 50th Anniversary Button Design Contest in partnership with Busy Beaver Button Co.

The results are in . . . Here are the winning designs chosen by the Reader community to be a part of our 50th anniversary button pack, in partnership with Busy Beaver Button Co., this fall. Thanks to all who participated and voted! 1970’s “Red Stratocaster”by SpencerIG: @discountyakuza 1980’s “Reader Mixtape”by Otis RichardsonIG: @lavenderpop 1990’s […]

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Flamboyant Chicago rockers Cupcakes reunite to celebrate their debut album 20 years after it arrived

The alternative-rock boom of the 1990s resulted in lots of outre musicians landing major-label deals that would’ve been unthinkable in any decade before or since. Chicago four-piece Cupcakes, who emerged in 1996, both exemplify and transcend that era. On their sole album, 2000’s Cupcakes, released on Dreamworks, they mold arena rock bombast, power-pop hooks, and […]