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The Chicago News Cooperative Debuts

The first big story is a doozy by Dan Mihalopoulos on the parking meters. It’s obviously been widely reported, but the former Trib city hall reporter scored some internal documents on how much dough Chicago Parking Meters, LLC is baking. 70% profit margin is pretty good, by which I mean totally infuriating. As to the […]

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A masterpiece by Stanley Kwan, the greatest Hong Kong film I’ve seen (also known as Ruan Ling Yu and Center Stage). The story of silent film actress Ruan Ling Yu (1910-1935), known as the Garbo of Chinese cinema, it combines documentary with period re-creation, biopic glamour with profound curiosity, and ravishing historical clips with color […]

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All by Myself

Christian Blackwood’s fascinating documentary portrait of Eartha Kitt not only offers a multifaceted sense of its subject–as professional entertainer, private individual, political activist, and self-commentator–but also treats each of these facets in a kaleidoscopic manner. The relationship between Kitt’s champagne-and-furs persona and her traumatic deep-south upbringing is especially suggestive; by the end of the film […]