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Chả Cá Nuggs takes a nose-to-tail fin approach to eating the invasive copi

The invasive fish formerly known as Asian carp was renamed “copi” earlier this summer by the Department of Natural Resources. Short for “copious,” the state hopes that a vaguely Mediterranean-sounding rebranding will entice consumers to eat more of the bony, obscenely prolific, freshwater filter feeders that have outcompeted native species for all that good Illinois […]

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The depths of urban living

Several people were already in the lake when I got to Albion Beach the other morning—two kids playing in the shallows, an old guy wielding a metal detector as he waded over the first sandbar, and a few of my kind—distance swimmers paddling steadily through water turned gold by the sun a hundred yards offshore. […]

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Invasive Crayfish Taste Better in Illinois

scratanut/Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic A tradition of Cajun cooking has emerged deep in the north woods of Wisconsin, spurred by the battle against the rusty crayfish. For years, students from the state university working with the Department of Natural Resources have been hauling countless buckets of rusties from the waters of Sparkling Lake, five […]