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Best new west-side arts space

To activist Glen Kehrein, it was appalling that Austin lacked a center for fine and performing arts to showcase the neighborhood’s homegrown talent. His dream was to convert the unused auditorium in the former Siena High School expansion—one of the city’s finest remaining examples of midcentury modern architecture—into a professionally equipped community arts center. Kehrein’s […]

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Exhalants transplant the sounds of New York and Chicago into their muscular Austin noise-rock

On their self-titled debut full-length in 2018, Austin’s Exhalants sounded oddly like a Chicago band. Austin noise-rock has a very specific feel: whether we’re talking about the unhinged no wave of the Butthole Surfers, the loose-limbed pummeling of Cherubs, or the deadpan country-fried twang of Spray Paint, it always feels more slippery and acid-laced than […]

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Cherubs still haven’t missed a beat with their second postreunion album, Immaculada High

In their brief existence, from 1991 till 1994, Cherubs gifted the world with two perfect documents of streamlined, intense, pummeling noise-rock: 1992’s Icing and 1994’s Heroin Man (both on King Coffey’s Trance Syndicate label). The sounds the Austin trio hammered out weren’t too far from what their east-coast contemporaries in Unsane were doing, and Icing […]

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Austin indie-pop eight-piece TC Superstar make music for the dance dance revolution

Synth-driven Austin indie-pop group TC Superstar count eight people in their ranks, four of them dancers—and the dancers’ steps are just as important as the musicians’ notes. “The dancers are not ‘backup dancers,’” synth player and vocalist Aaron Chavez told The Daily Texan in April. “Dancing and the music are one thing.” TC Superstar’s lively […]