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Indigenous culture, Nnamdï’s Pancake Haus, Refuge, and more

Today kicks off the American Indian Center’s 69th Annual Chicago Powwow, which runs through Sunday (10/9). From 10 AM-6 PM each day, thousands will gather at Schiller Woods (events in Groves 12 and 13, entrance on Irving Park west of Cumberland) to share and reflect on Indigenous culture, preserving its heritage while contemplating its future. […]

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Bandcamp Fridays enter their third year

I still can’t do anything but guess about the long-term significance of last month’s news that Bandcamp has been acquired by Epic Games. Or maybe I should say “worry,” not “guess.” I cherish Bandcamp because it caters to artists who have little to no interest in the mainstream music business, and I don’t want that […]

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The second-biggest news about Bandcamp this week

Friday, March 4, is the 20th installment of what’s become known as Bandcamp Friday, when Bandcamp passes along its usual share of revenue to the independent artists and labels selling music through the site. But that occasion was overshadowed somewhat this morning, when Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamond announced that the company is “joining” Epic Games. […]