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BoHo Theatre calls it quits

BoHo Theatre (founded in 2003 as Bohemian Theatre Ensemble around “the Bohemian pillars of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love”) started out with a production of Yasmina Reza’s Art in 2004, on the stage of the old Bailiwick Repertory studio. Bailiwick is long gone (Theater Wit took over the Belmont Avenue space). And now BoHo has […]

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Teaching to the test

If National Merit had to be pitched as a movie, it would be “The Breakfast Club in a test prep class.” Competing for high scores and the scholarship that goes with them—and, perhaps more important, the accolade of National Merit Scholar—are The Privileged Jerk, The Sidekick, The Striver, The Weird Girl . . . . […]