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Rescuing the legacy of Dancin’ Man

On December 13, I took a long drive to Des Plaines to pick up relatives of my friend Perry Kanlan, a showbiz-adjacent eccentric known as Dancin’ Man. The time on the road gave me the chance to reflect on the circumstances of my relationship with him. I formally met Perry in 2011, when my friend […]

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The Monster of the Midway

To the editors: I read with interest Michael Miner’s article “The Squib Heard Round the World” [Hot Type, March 15] in which he described how the “fallout” from his brief Bettelheim obituary led to the dismantling of the man’s reputation. “To our amazement,” he writes, “our casual little paragraph had more of an effect than […]

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Who’s to Blame for Bettelheim?

To the editors: The Reader certainly deserves credit for first printing word of atrocities committed by alleged humanitarian Bruno Bettelheim, as someone suggested (Letters, Nov. 30). While many other publications received the same letters, only the Reader was brave enough to publish them. Thanks to the Reader and subsequent articles appearing in other national and […]

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Shooting Craps With Bettelheim

To the editors: In March of this year, a “Giant” in the field of psychoanalysis and the therapeutic treatment of children died, by his own hand, in the private despair of a retirement home [Hot Type, March 23]. Bruno Bettelheim, the scourge of campus protester, psychophrenogenic mother and anti-Freudians alike, died in the setting that […]

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Was Bettelheim a Fraud?

To the editors: Re: the “Brutal Bettelheim” letter, April 6, 1990. I attended the Orthogenic School from 1951 to 1963 while it was directed by Dr. Bruno Bettelheim. Dr. Bettelheim’s recent suicide at 86 touched off a spate of laudatory obituaries which inspired an anonymous response by a former Orthogenic School resident. I would like […]

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Brutal Bettelheim

To the editors: I was utterly and profoundly shocked at Michael Miner’s reference to the late Bruno Bettelheim as a “great Chicagoan” (“Some Professor Down in Hyde Park,” 3/23/90, section 1, page 4). Miner said that Bettelheim “was understood to be a great Chicagoan everywhere but in Chicago.” Well, Mr. Miner, unlike you, some of […]