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Freddie Gibbs rides his rap roller coaster through hedonistic fun on Soul Sold Separately

Freddie Gibbs has been on a famous rapper roller coaster since he put out his first mixtape in 2010—a journey marked with decadent twists, dizzying heights, and equally terrifying descents. Public beefs with big-name artists, moments as a media darling, well-received acting roles (including the lead in last year’s Down With the King), and acquittal […]

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Not a dream

As I lay in bed drenched in sweat, battling COVID, it came to me as in a fevered dream . . . The city council had overwhelmingly approved Mayor Lightfoot’s idea to spend untold millions on a casino. Even as Alderperson Brendan Reilly warned them that it may wind up being as bad as the […]

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Footing the bill

In the last few weeks, Mayor Lightfoot has revealed several important details about the casino she’s pushing so hard to develop, including . . . Where it will go—near Chicago and Halsted on the city’s near north side. Who will run it—Bally’s Corporation. And why we need it—to raise money to pay police and firefighter […]

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A bad hand

Now that Mayor Lightfoot has officially revealed the three finalists for Chicago’s casino, the bamboozling of the city will begin. Oh, Chicago, you know you’re getting bamboozled. I think you sorta like it—a little attention from the boss.  It’s like you matter as they try to win you over into supporting something you don’t really […]

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New website shows crime block-by-block

Real estate company Trulia is rolling out a website so renters and buyers can check out detailed crime statistics in their neighborhoods. (Sun-Times) A city-run casino would undoubtedly bring in tons of money for Chicago. But at what social cost? (Tribune) Meet Barack Obama’s newest geek: Harper Reed, formerly of Threadless. (Tribune)

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Olympics consolation prize: a casino?

Dan Mihalopoulos breaks the news that Richard Mell and George Cardenas want one to take the place of the Olympic Village (I don’t hold out any hope that developers would consider the Gropiusness of the site a draw for gambling architecture buffs). This will of course raise questions of the sort inspired by the video […]