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The Price of Infamy

John Lydon on the Late Late Show With Tom Snyder, May 23 Last Friday, nearly 17 years after their notorious face-off on NBC’s Tomorrow Show, John Lydon sat down for his second interview with Tom Snyder. Back in 1980 Lydon, still acting relatively Rotten, cadged cigarettes off Snyder, ignored his questions, and muttered snide remarks […]

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The Secret Life of John Schmid/News Media Missing in Action

The Secret Life of John Schmid The pseudonymous author stands on shaky ground indeed in the straight-arrow fellowship of journalistic scriveners. The Reader’s own policy on pseudonyms is clear and unnegotiable: only when appropriate. It’s that way throughout the business. For instance, pseudonyms are common in the monthly journal Outlines and weekly entertainment guide Nightlines, […]