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TIFF Review: La Danse—The Paris Opera Ballet

At this point Frederick Wiseman’s documentaries are almost beyond reproach. For more than 40 years he’s stuck to the same ascetic storytelling style: no title cards, no voice-over narration, no talking-head interviews, no staged re-creations or archival clips. His films can be demanding, but after one has been poked and prodded by more commercial documentaries, […]

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Aloft Aerial Dance

Somehow I had the impression that aerial dance was all about the feats. Boy, was I wrong. In an hour-long piece called Rolling Blackouts, choreographer-director Shayna Swanson takes a somewhat ragtag group of 12 performers and molds their vignettes on rings, trapezes, silks, and bungee cords into a meditation on the perils and pleasures of […]

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Akram Khan Company

The word that comes to mind for Akram Khan’s evening-length Kaash (“If” in Hindi) is elegant. The costumes are sleeveless black split-skirt jumpers over loose black pants, for men and women alike. Sculptor Anish Kapoor’s set–a glowing rectangular frame of red light at the rear of the stage–has an evocative simplicity, suggesting without depicting an […]

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The Human Circus

JOSEPH HOLMES CHICAGO DANCE THEATREat the Civic Center for Performing ArtsMarch 1 and 2 Randy Duncan is a versatile choreographer with a knack for giving the same moves–high kicks, high extensions, self-conscious wriggles–different moods. The variety in his choreography comes from the circus of human feeling; the shifting dramas of social relationship permeate his work. […]