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Tender thresholds

“Manifesto for Mutualistic Tendencies,” a highly collaborative exhibition by Chicago-based artists Kayla Anderson and Dao Nguyen, opened at Comfort Station on a stormy Sunday afternoon. With a splash of clairvoyance, a song sings “Drip. Drop. It’s raining so hard . . . ” in Anderson’s video, Arion Vulgaris: Notes on a Species (2023)—an experimental short […]

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Healing Circle, Nitrate Kisses, disasters, and punk rock

Hopefully you’ve been following our recent comics journalism pieces on art and artists created by Reader contributor and former Chicagoan Coco Picard (her latest, an interview with artist and professor Nick Cave, was in our August 18 issue). If you’re intrigued by Picard’s comics style, check out her debut novel The Healing Circle, a magical […]