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Chicago Muay Thai

The smell of menthol oil and the whine of traditional Thai instrumental music pierce the humid July air of the Cicero Stadium on fight night. Though it’s best known for hosting Chicago’s annual Golden Gloves boxing tournament, today the stadium has a new occupant: Muay Thai. The national sport of Thailand, in which participants use […]

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Saxophone and trumpet improviser Joe McPhee steps into a sonic abyss with sound organizer Graham Lambkin

John Snyder lays downs gnarly, surging, needling analog synthesizer tones alongside multihorn player Joe McPhee on The Willisau Concert, a 1975 concert recording originally released by Hat Hut and recently reissued by Chicago’s Corbett vs. Dempsey. The album, which also features the explosive drumming of South African Makaya Ntshoko, is a typically quizzical affair for […]