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The end of money bond hasn’t led to an electronic monitoring spike in Chicago—for now

When the Pretrial Fairness Act took effect in September, Illinois became the first state to completely eliminate cash bail. Advocates who championed the reform have regarded the victory with caution since the law first passed in 2021, wary that judges might simply replace pretrial detention with house arrest for those who would have walked free—without […]

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Rising drill star King Von refines his storytelling and stunting on Levon James

Sharp songwriting and bombastic delivery have made King Von one of fastest-rising stars in drill, the pummeling hip-hop subgenre born in Chicago. Born Dayvon Bennett, the 25-year-old rapper grew up in Englewood, and he’s been filling his verses with crime-fiction narratives at least since his breakout single, 2018’s “Crazy Story.” As he told Genius in […]