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‘We would like to help’

We started with a bang. In January, a mob of supporters of the last presidential administration attacked the United States Capitol building in D.C., grabbing lecterns, posting selfies, and leaving a trail of confusion and “released on own recognizance” privilege in their wake. And it’s possible 2021 will end with a whimper. The new Omicron […]

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Comfort in the face of the unknown

The numbers boggle the mind. More deaths than AIDS in 40 years, the most recent epidemic in recent memory. More deaths than the 1918 influenza pandemic, previously the deadliest disease event in American history. More deaths than the U.S. Civil War, the deadliest conflict in our nation’s history. More deaths. More. More. More.  The COVID-19 […]

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Vaxxing our kids

Publisher’s note, June 27, 2022: Because the below column deals with a public health issue, we realize it should have been more rigorously edited by the Reader before publication. We apologize that it was not. We encourage readers interested in the topic of COVID-19 treatment and vaccinations to use these links to current information and […]

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The lying game

Just about the only good thing to come out of the Aaron Rodgers fiasco is that it gives us a textbook example of how MAGA finagles its way out of a jam. Almost as though the Green Bay Packers quarterback’s behavior was orchestrated by Donald Trump himself. First—they lie. Then—deny. Then prevaricate. Then obfuscate. Or […]

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The “fuckton” twins . . .

I was fired up to excoriate Mayor Lightfoot for her recent “fuckton” comments, when . . . John Catanzara released a video of himself holding a sign that read: “John Catanzara for mayor 2023.” And immediately I was overwhelmed with an urge to excoriate him. As Johnny C has come to Lightfoot’s rescue with his […]

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Chicago’s Wingtips bring a little light to the dark synth-pop of Cutting Room Floor

In 2021, the idea of editing yourself can sound cynical—it’s been tainted by social-media influencers who manufacture images and videos of a blemish-free life of luxury while struggling to make ends meet offline. But on their brand-new second album, Cutting Room Floor, dark Chicago synth-pop duo Wingtips suggest that self-editing can be part of a […]

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How live music looks during COVID

Live music is back, though it looks different today than when it went away in March 2020. For 16 months we carried on without the collaborative magic of artist and audience. We’ve watched musicians find creative ways to keep gigging and be safe, whether delivering livestreams from their homes or playing on porches. Our favorite […]