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Dark Fog cap off another prolific writing streak with the gloriously weird digital LP 7734 NI

Ray Donato of Local psych juggernaut Dark Fog is a paragon of relentless musical activity. After a burst of releases in early 2019, Reader critic Monica Kendrick gently joked that his band makes “every other band on the planet look like slackers” by comparison. She wasn’t wrong! Gossip Wolf recently checked Dark Fog’s Bandcamp page, […]

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Chicago psych outfit Dark Fog melt mournful passages into astral pop melodies

On Anatomy of a Sellout (Logan Hardware) Dark Fog run their glowing nuggets of psych through a rock tumbler, retaining the genre’s impenetrable mystique while polishing away much of the indulgent noodling that many contemporary psych bands seem to think is a foundational element. Not that there isn’t any freaked-out wailing—there’s plenty. But Dark Fog […]