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Catch the new issue of the Chicago Foodcultura Clarion

There’s a tasty surprise in 3,000 copies of the Reader this week. It’s the fourth and final issue of the Chicago Foodcultura Clarion, the zine by Spanish food artist Antoni Miralda, University of Chicago anthropologist Stephan Palmié, and their marauding horde of ravenous, sugar-crazed foodlums. This issue features Palmie’s fascinating history on Reese Finer Foods, the erstwhile […]

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Rick Bayless Blesses Taxim

He tweets: “Ate at Taxim in Wicker Park over the weekend. Really, Really good. Doing 4 the full gamut of Greek food what we’re trying to do for Mexican” Mike Sula profiled owner David Schneider in May; he’s on a mission to expand the concept of Greek food, so I can see why Bayless would […]