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Japan’s Coffins share their stench on rarities compilation Defilements

On the new double-disc compilation Defilements, long-running Japanese band Coffins solder together a patchwork of death and doom metal from five out-of-print releases that trace their development throughout the 2010s. Coffins spike the collection with covers of iconic American groups such as Death and Buzzoven, faithfully executing each homage, and their original tracks simply swing. […]

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Death metal supergroup Umbra Vitae blend catharsis and fun on Shadow of Life

The beauty of musical collaboration is that you can never totally anticipate what will happen, even when the people coming together have established aesthetics of their own. Some groups devise a concept and never stray from it, while others incorporate unexpected twists and turns—and Boston postmetal project Wear Your Wounds (started by Converge front man […]

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France’s Igorrr adds Middle Eastern motifs to its genre-splicing mashup of death metal and breakcore

In the tradition of heavy-music genre splicers such as Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3, and Estradasphere, French act Igorrr hybridizes industrial death metal, breakcore, chiptune, and other genres using a dizzying array of seemingly unrelated styles and instruments. Songwriter, DJ, and guitarist Gautier Serre weaves Baroque music, Balkan folk, Eastern motifs, operatic vocals, and death […]

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Friday Face Rippers: Behemoth

Oh hell yeah everybody. Behemoth is streaming their sublimely punishing Evangelion over at their MySpace page. I’m currently on my first listen, and though so far I don’t think it’s quite as good as 2004’s Demigod or their 1995 debut, Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic), it’s still Behemoth and they will still rip your head […]