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The mayoral promised land

In what was for me a dizzying overload of riches, Mayor Lightfoot delivered her budget speech at roughly the same time that Mayor Rahm’s financial disclosure statement went public. Hello, Monday morning! My takeaway from reading them side by side is this: the rich get richer and the poor get platitudes. Same as always. OK, […]

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Chicago rapper Dre Izaya is one hook away from the charts on I Fall Apart When They Leave

Englewood rapper Dre Izaya has recently emerged as part of a loose collective of pop, R&B, soul, and hip-hop artists associated with Loop Theory, a local indie artist-development and management company founded by producer Disrupt and rapper Navarro. (The agency also releases music by the artists on its roster.) Last year, Loop Theory put together […]

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Englewood’s F.A.B.L.E. brings his charming warmth and vigor to Chicago’s bustling hip-hop ecosystem

Englewood multi-instrumentalist, engineer, and rapper Christopher Horace started releasing solo recordings a little more than two years ago. He released his first mixtape, February 2018’s Exodus, under the name Nephset, but since then he’s been performing and recording as F.A.B.L.E., which stands for Finally a Black Life Explained. For a year or so now, Horace […]

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Rising drill star King Von refines his storytelling and stunting on Levon James

Sharp songwriting and bombastic delivery have made King Von one of fastest-rising stars in drill, the pummeling hip-hop subgenre born in Chicago. Born Dayvon Bennett, the 25-year-old rapper grew up in Englewood, and he’s been filling his verses with crime-fiction narratives at least since his breakout single, 2018’s “Crazy Story.” As he told Genius in […]