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August abundance

The torpor-inducing temperatures seem to be cooling down, so it’s a good time to get out and about. Here are some mid-August events worth looking into. Fri-Sun 8/13-8/15 (and through 8/29): High school can be fraught, as so many teen dramedies have taught us. School Girls; Or, the African Mean Girls Play, Jocelyn Bioh’s comedy […]

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Chicago squares off against New York City on the fourth volume of Mars Williams’s Ayler Xmas project

Among the myriad injuries inflicted upon Americans by COVID-19 (though admittedly one of the mildest) is the impossibility of attending your favorite holiday concert. For the past dozen years, Chicago-based saxophonist Mars Williams has hosted a unique variation on that seasonal tradition. Each December he convenes Witches & Devils, his combo devoted to the music […]

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One of the longest-running freely improvising ensembles on earth plays this (and nearly every) Monday in Roscoe Village

For improvisers, familiarity is a double-edged sword; if musicians get too comfortable with each other, inspiration can turn into habit. But there’s nothing quite so thrilling as the near-telepathic rapport of a group whose players know each other’s strengths and try to push each other to greater heights. The members of Extraordinary Popular Delusions have […]

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Three Beats: Buy Chrissy Murderbot’s record collection, Buried at Sea plays Alehorn of Power, and Utech and Okka Disk throw parties in Milwaukee

DANCE | For sale: Chrissy Murderbot’s record collection Local electronic producer Chris Shively, aka Chrissy Murderbot, who runs the labels Sleazetone and Loose Squares, is slimming down his record collection. Last Monday he put about 90 percent of it, which works out to more than 700 pieces, up for sale at online music catalog and […]