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A Good Man

Bob Hercules and Gordon Quinn screen an excerpt from their forthcoming Bill T. Jones dance documentary “A Good Man,” in a retrospective of films by Hercules and his Media Process Group tonight at the Gene Siskel Film Center.

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Street Gospel

Rev. Michael Pfleger in “Radical Disciple” Bob Hercules, who explored the lives of Barack Obama, pioneering community organizer Saul Alinsky, and gadfly Holocaust survivor Eva Kor in his previous documentaries, turns his eye on another kind of rabble rouser in his new Radical Disciple: The Father Story of Father Pfleger. The film premieres Friday, Aug. […]

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All by Myself

Christian Blackwood’s fascinating documentary portrait of Eartha Kitt not only offers a multifaceted sense of its subject–as professional entertainer, private individual, political activist, and self-commentator–but also treats each of these facets in a kaleidoscopic manner. The relationship between Kitt’s champagne-and-furs persona and her traumatic deep-south upbringing is especially suggestive; by the end of the film […]