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Leanne Betasamosake Simpson fuels resistance with poetry and song on Theory of Ice

In 1876, the Canadian parliament passed the Indian Act, a sweeping piece of legislation that still dictates how the government interacts with the First Nations bands indigenous to the country and legally defines Indian status and band membership. Though heavily amended over the years, the Indian Act initially included policies that disenfranchised Indigenous women who […]

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Josephine Foster keeps the freak-folk flame burning with the catchy but unnerving No Harm Done

Back in ye olde early aughts, “freak folk” ruled the land. Championed and perhaps encouraged by photogenic weirdo Devendra Banhart, artists influenced by elegiac or subliminally psychedelic folk acts from the 60s and 70s—Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Incredible String Band, Michael Hurley—started coming out of the woodwork. For a hot strange minute, indie record bins were […]

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On Beware of the Dogs, Australian singer-songwriter Stella Donnelly bridges the gap between debatable and relatable

UPDATE: Tuesday, January 14, 12:50 PM:: Stella Donnelly has canceled her U.S. tour for health reasons. Paul Cherry has replaced her as the headliner of this show. Stella Donnelly’s truth creeps up on you. The sound of her voice over her gentle, electrified folk-rock guitar is like a chill that runs up your spine to […]

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Philadelphia alt-country band Friendship feel right at home on Chicago indie-pop label Orindal

Nearly a decade ago, Chicago singer-songwriter Owen Ashworth launched Orindal Records, partly as an outlet for the intimate, cozy indie-pop recordings he makes under the name Advance Base. He’s since transformed the label into a hub for musicians who take a similarly measured, contemplative approach, even when they’re exploring entirely different genres. Orindal’s latest Hideout […]

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Tim Buckley, Captured Live in 1967

Few musicians have transformed their art as often and as thoroughly as Tim Buckley did between 1966 and 1975, when his brief career ended with his untimely death at 28. He quickly veered from ethereal folk-rock singer to wildly exploratory vocal improviser to funky blue-eyed soul man, with many fascinating twists and turns in between. […]