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Double negative

Unlike a regular scar, a keloid grows far beyond the original wound. Through the buildup of collagen, the body slips under its own cover and piles up, over, and around a loss—a powerful metaphor for Katherine Simóne Reynolds, whose solo exhibition at the Graham Foundation, “A different kind of tender and the practice of overhealing,” […]

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Catherine Lamb and Rebecca Lane explore liminal musical experiences with precision

A secondary rainbow is a faint visual echo that appears outside a rainbow when light bends twice while passing through raindrops. Composer, violist, and occasional vocalist Catherine Lamb uses careful calculation and subtle dynamics to evoke correspondingly liminal sonic experiences. Born in Olympia, Washington, and based in Berlin, she’s developed a musical approach that combines […]

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Barbara Kasten gets a long-overdue career survey with ‘Stages’ at the Graham Foundation

Over the course of her five-decade career, Chicago-based artist Barbara Kasten has experimented with some pretty complex processes. To create her photographic series from the late 1970s and ’80s, she carefully positioned props—often large geometric objects made from wood or plaster—among fiberglass screens, wires, mesh, mirrors, et cetera, then shot these abstract installations with a […]