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In the ring with Shaw and Tunney

What is it that draws great writers to boxing as a subject? Is it an identification with the sport’s pure brutal (yet calculated) physicality removed from the need for verbal acuity? A way to demonstrate street cred (a kind of reverse snobbery)? For A.J. Liebling, the “sweet science” (at least when viewed in person) was […]

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Revolutionary abstractions

“Not that it matters, but most of what follows is true,” reads the supertitle projected over a stage sparsely set with stools. Enter a small conference of artists tasked with establishing a school to nurture and transmit their craft. Amid the heady debate over whether history and technique are still relevant in a new world […]

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Chagall’s Camelot

James Sherman began his career as an actor; he joined the Second City in the 70s, while he was still a student at Illinois State, appearing in the shows Once More With Fooling and East of Edens with the likes of George Wendt, Tim Kazurinsky, and Miriam Flynn. But starting with his 1982 backstage play, […]