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London label Touch brings its 40th-anniversary celebration to the International Museum of Surgical Science

London-based Touch isn’t a record label in the traditional sense; it’s far more multifaceted. It might be more accurate to describe Touch as a collective that also extends into publishing, performance curation, and site-specific multimedia events driven by a loosely defined stable of international avant-garde electronic and sound artists, who include guitarist and producer Fennesz, […]

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Experimental trio Haptic prepare for an impending separation with their biggest concert ever

Local experimental trio Haptic adhere to two constants. One is the involvement of Adam Sonderberg, Joseph Clayton Mills, and Steven Hess, who formed the group in 2005. The other is that everything else changes. Originally convened to provide a framework for in-person improvisations with different musicians, they’ve since performed exacting scores and developed multilayered and […]

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The boundless sonic creativity of Okkyung Lee

Okkyung Lee, who plays Sunday night at the Pritzker Pavilion in Min Xiao-Fen’s Asian Trio, is one of the most beguiling young figures in New York’s creative-music community. The Korean cellist—she came to the U.S. in 1993, at age 18—moves effortlessly between different worlds without changing her sound in any significant way. She plays in […]