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Alexis Gideon

Somewhere between wacky and wack you’ll find Alexis Gideon, formerly just Alexis. Better known as half of the local duo Princess, who specialize in a ridiculous collision of fucky hip-hop and skinny-butt dance music, he’s putting out his first solo CD, Welcome Song, early next year on Sickroom, and it’s like a pilled-up, discolored kiddie […]

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Ambivalence has never been a trait identified with hip-hop, and listening to Akrobatik you can sometimes see why: an artist who takes time to stake out the middle ground can frustrate a listener who’s waiting for a wallop of personality. But more often than not on his debut full-length, Balance (Coup D’Etat), this Boston MC […]

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8 Mile

This energetic and often exciting feature from Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential, Wonder Boys), set in Detroit in 1995, aims to be the kind of showcase for Eminem and hip-hop that Saturday Night Fever was for John Travolta and disco, and in most respects it succeeds. Hanson depicts a far grungier world, brimming with aggression and […]

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Aceyalone, Masterminds

As a founding member of LA’s short-lived Freestyle Fellowship, one of hip-hop’s most original and intelligent groups, Aceyalone helped lay the groundwork for today’s anything-goes underground scene. His free-form rap slops over tight beat schemes like runny oatmeal, much in the style of Kool Keith; but unlike Kool Keith’s sci-fi fantasies, Aceyalone’s thoughts are rooted […]