Chicago’s Pride in the Park Reflects the Purpose of Pride Celebrations

June 25th – 26th at Grant Park • Since 2019, thousands of people from around the world have come together for Chicago’s Pride in the Park music festival at Grant Park to celebrate love, music, and community. While Chicago has many outstanding LGBTQ+ bars, restaurants, and well-known Pride celebrations that include the Pride Parade, […]

The 5 Best Dog DNA Tests of 2022

Every dog owner has a special place in their heart for their canine companion. You want to know as much about your dog as possible to give him the best life. While the best way to get to know your pup is to spend time with him, a DNA test is also an incredibly useful […]

Growing for Good with Green Thumb: Ex-Cons for Community and Social Change (ECCSC): Providing innovative violence prevention, intervention programs, and resources

When it comes to violence, formerly incarcerated individuals are subject-matter experts. Violence has affected our lives on every level, whether we created it or whether we were the victim. Violence is as old as America, and it’s unfortunate that it disproportionately impacts the most disinvested communities. Violence is a community problem. To me, that means […]

Chicago Made brings film and TV production opportunities to residents

Chicago is continuing to boom as a center for film and television production. Last summer alone, some 15 productions added nearly $700 million to the city’s local economy. This was due to filmmakers, studios, and networks taking advantage of tax incentives making it cost-effective to shoot in the area. But with the uptick in productions, […]