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All Ears, Jim Baker

Technical skill and spontaneity are essential in a strong jazz soloist, but the ability to listen and process information on the fly is just as crucial. Amsterdam’s aptly named ALL EARS embodies this talent: led by pianist Michiel Braam and tenor saxophonist Frans Vermeerssen, the sextet plays from a repertoire of pithy, carefully arranged themes […]

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After-Fest Jam Sessions: HotHouse

Now that tenor saxist Joe Henderson has attained household-name status–at least in jazz households–one wonders if his contemporary Dewey Redman can lag all that far behind. Henderson’s late-breaking popularity, well-deserved as it may be, stems in large part from his affiliation with a major record label; but Redman has gained no little attention for fathering […]

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Alejandro Scarpino

It’s worth pointing out that the nuevo tango of the late Astor Piazzolla, who expanded the Argentine tango into something that totally transcends its origins (much as Johann Strauss did for the 19th-century Viennese waltz) is heard more often in the U.S. these days than the traditional idiom originated by the gauchos of the Argentine […]

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Ajaramu’s Sound in Rhythm

The name of the ensemble is Sound in Rhythm, empashizes Ajaramu; the interplay of percussion has been the heart of his concerts of recent years, with horn players added just to flavor the stew. Ajaramu is a tireless champion of the power of the drums. A veteran of the bop era, he was house drummer […]