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Cycles of grief

Ecuador celebrates the New Year with fire and ashes. Every year’s final day is defined by reflection and renewal as people erect bonfires to burn painted effigies assembled from old clothes, sawdust, and papier-mâché. These figures, the año viejos, embody the misfortunes of the previous year. Together, Ecuadorians engage in the ritual of rejuvenation, discarding […]

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World AIDS Day screenings, the Buttcracker, and more

Last week, the annual winter flower shows opened at the city’s conservatories in Garfield Park and Lincoln Park. This year, the theme at Garfield Park Conservatory (300 N. Central Park) is “Snow Day,” which they’re channeling with a 12 feet tall “tree” created with white poinsettias, as well as oversized snowmen hidden throughout the conservatory’s […]

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Pox Americana

Last Sunday, stuffed with antibiotics, numbed by painkillers, and facing a date with an oral surgeon the next morning, I made my way to the International Museum of Surgical Science for an artist’s talk by James R. Wilke. It’s not the best way to visit this unique repository for the medical devices of yesteryear, but […]

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London label Touch brings its 40th-anniversary celebration to the International Museum of Surgical Science

London-based Touch isn’t a record label in the traditional sense; it’s far more multifaceted. It might be more accurate to describe Touch as a collective that also extends into publishing, performance curation, and site-specific multimedia events driven by a loosely defined stable of international avant-garde electronic and sound artists, who include guitarist and producer Fennesz, […]

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Mark Nelson reignites Pan•American as a solo endeavor for a show at the Museum of Surgical Science

When singer and musician Mark Nelson began Pan•American in 1997, he was looking for an outlet for all the things he wanted to do outside of his main group at the time, Labradford. The project has proved quite flexible: Pan•American has released records of digital dub, atmospheric vocal numbers featuring members of Low, and electronic […]