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The Road to Fallujah

Proudly “unembedded” in Iraq, Mark Manning claims to be the only Western journalist living among the civilians in the aftermath of the Battle of Fallujah, whose devastating consequences he documented in “The Road to Fallujah,” screening for free Tuesday 1/18 at DePaul University.

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The Oath

The Human Rights Watch Film Festival opens Thursday 6/3 with “The Oath,” a documentary that contrasts Guantanamo prisoner and former Osama Bin Laden driver Salim Hamdan, a Guantanamo Bay prisoner prosecuted by military tribunal, with his brother-in-law Abu Jandal, now a cab driver in Yemen.

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Lost to Lariam?

When Juan Torres heard his son had died on an air base in Afghanistan, he became convinced that he’d been murdered—perhaps for knowing too much about the heroin trade on the base. But now he and many others believe John Torres was driven to suicide by a legal drug he was required to use—the antimalarial mefloquine hydrochloride, brand name Lariam.