How Chicago Companies Are Caring for their Employees

Now more than ever, employees have a hand in choosing where and how they work. The rise of flexible work arrangements allows companies to better foster a diverse workforce, which can greatly improve company culture. It’s not enough to just attract top talent, though; you have to retain employees, too. That’s where a hybrid work […]

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It beats dancing about architecture

The Chicago Reader debuted October 1, 1971—almost two years before DJ Kool Herc threw the very first hip-hop party in the Bronx in August 1973, nearly three years before the Ramones made their first appearance onstage at CBGB in August 1974, and more than five years before Frankie Knuckles first spun at the Warehouse in […]

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Jamie Ludwig

Jamie Ludwig was born with a passion for music; by age six she figured out how to request songs at her local radio station and transform the airwaves into mixtapes via her Fisher-Price tape recorder. She’d already spent years working in various facets of the industry by the time she was in grad school in […]