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SuperHai’s Asian stoner food saves the day at the next Monday Night Foodball

“Asian stoner food” were the words the ingenious chef Mickey Neely used to describe the food of SuperHai. That would be the mild-mannered couple who disguise their secret identities as, respectively: graphic designer/bartender Jane Shang, and knife sharpener/restorer Jordan Ross. “I’m the Asian, he’s the stoner,” cracks Shang. But on Wednesday nights they pop up […]

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Become one with the bowl for the return of Bokuchan’s Curry House at Monday Night Foodball

During the pandemic, Shin Thompson and Liga Sigal established themselves as masters of carryout curry—specifically karē, the alluring, enveloping, Snuggie-in-a-bowl that is Japan’s great gift to global comfort and reassurance. Maybe you’re skeptical. What’s so hard about packing a thick, warmly-spiced, root veggie-stocked edible lava in a plastic jewel box and sending it on its […]